Tribute to Peg

Here is a link to Pegs Memorial Page at Howe Peterson Funeral

Margaret A. (Peg) Turowski age 72 of Melvindale went to be with our Lord on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Margaret was born the daughter of Charles and Loretta Kleiber in Wyandotte, Michigan. Margaret leaves behind her sister Criss (husband Kenny), a brother Charles (wife Mary, son James), her long time companion of 38 years Richard Rice, and many cousins.

Margaret graduated Lowery High School in the “Class of 65” and went on to Henry Ford College to further her education. Margaret was trained as a computer key punch operator and worked with computers long before most of us ever heard of Windows, converting written data into something the computers could process.

Margaret enjoyed traveling especially to tropical climates. Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida, California, etc. were all places she enjoyed. She loved Disneyland and Disney World, her favorite live musical was “Phantom of the Opera”, and probably her favorite place on earth was the Hudson Christmas display in Detroit.

Margaret was very generous and contributed to many charity’s. When a softball team was doing poorly she donated $200 to them to buy new bats. When a gravesite needed a marker Margaret would help finance it. The charities that Margaret donated too is far to many to list here. Margaret was a “do’er” in this world!

Margaret was Catholic and lived by a doctrine of Christ and a love of family. In fact, almost every weekend of her life she was visiting family, whether it was playing cards with her Aunt Louise, touring Michigan shorelines with her Mother Loretta, or playing at the park with her nephew James, she loved her family dearly and would do anything for them.

Peg lived in Oakwood and was James closest relative (distance wise) so she saw alot of the little guy. She was listed with the school as the first contact should an emergency arise with James and we are unable to be reached. We used to get together each weekend if possible and James always looks forward to the visits and hurries to the car, then plays hard to get with her when she asks for a kiss or hug.

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Tribute to Howard Landis

Howard Landis is the father to Bill and Mary, Husband to Judith, and Grandfather to James.

Howard spent several years in the military (Navy) during the Korean War and was an honorably discharged Veteran. Howard was very good mechanically and used to repair televisions for a living. He was a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and worked for RCA Victor in sales for over 25 years.

He also enjoyed working with cars and likes the Detroit auto industry, unlike certain politicians. Mom said he was thrilled to hear she had married someone from Detroit (even though the person she married knew nothing about cars).

He loved the Three Stooges and Felix the Cat was his favorite cartoon. He loved seafood and his favorite vacation spot was Sarasota Florida. He exercised his choice to vote every election, even while living at West Meade.

Howard past away peacefully at West Meade (which is a nursing home in Tennessee).

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Tribute to Mike Kleiber

We lost Mike Kleiber this year, Uncle Don’s oldest son. Mike was born April 16, 1954 and most of my recollection of him was Christmas Eve and Grandma and Grandpa Kleibers. I remember my sister always teasing him about the length of his hair during those days. Mike was a longtime employee of Detroit Edison. I had a chance to meet Mikes kids (Jason & Scott) at the funeral and they are great and fun to be around, just like Mike was. Mike was buried at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery.

The flash presentation below is courtesy of Martenson Funeral Home, who also buried Aunt Louise, Cousin Mark, and my father, Charles T. I guess if our family had an official family funeral home, they would be it. They come highly recommended to all who view this page.

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Tribute to Louise Dunberger (Color)

These are color pictures of Louise Dunberger. Louise was married to Harry and spent most of her adult life living in Trenton. Each Saturday my mom would go out to Trenton, eat dinner, do some event, and play cards. Louise was very active and loved to travel with Loretta to all sorts of interesting places. There was never a dull moment in the Trenton house with Aunt Louise there.

I think what I remember most about Aunt Louise and Trenton was how she used her back yard, there was an apricot tree in the center of it that I loved to climb and you could eat the apricots right off of it, the gazebo for card playing on summer evenings, picking berries in the back, all great memories.

Edited: August 25th, 2005

Tribute to Louise Dunberger (BW)

These are black and white photos of Louise so most of these would be her early life. Louise Dunberger was a daughter to Joe and Rose Graf, she was Mother to Mark, Grandmother to Ron, Renee, and Natalie, and sister to Loretta and Joe. She was James Grand Aunt. Loretta always described Louise as a bit of a tomboy as they were growing up. Louise would always participate in the athletic things that Loretta had no interest in.

We were very happy that Louise had a chance to meet James before she passed away. She was in a nursing home but she was very active and aware. She got to hold James and feed him his bottle and she wished that her sister (James Grandma) had gotten to meet James. She outlived both her husband and son but was always optimistic about what the future would hold. I think every family member had at least one birthday celebratiion at her home in Trenton and Criss and Kenny had their wedding reception at her home as well. A very outgoing person.

Edited: August 25th, 2005

Tribute to Criss

Criss is the daughter of Loretta and Charles, Sister to Peg and Chuck, Wife to Kenny and Aunt to James. In her youth, Criss has had more jobs than anyone I know and I hope some day I can get her to list them all, everything from Macgregors Sports to Bell Telephone. She currently works as a nurse where she can torment her brother with big phony needles. I remember her using a guillotine that we used for magic tricks and bringing it into the doctors office. She then put a big sign on it saying “we now do vasectomies”.

Criss currently lives with Kenny at Lake George where they have their own pontoon and enjoy evening strolls across the lake. It was always her dream to live on a lake and she made it happen and hasn’t looked back since.

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Renee Picture Archive

Renee is the daughter of Mark and Kathy, Granddaughter to Louise, 2nd cousin to James (and Godmother as well). Renee recently got married in Las Vegas and serves her country as an army reservist. She and her husband have been to Iraq several times in service to their country. The thing I associate most with Renee is the gift shop (Grange I think) that she worked, every time I walked into that store it seemed she was working behind the counter. At least you always knew where to find her on our Saturday visits to Trenton.

Edited: December 30th, 2002

Natalie Picture Archive

Natalie is Marks daughter, grand daughter to Louise, James 2nd cousin, and is the mother of two beautiful children.

Currently Natalie is the mother of two beautiful children. Natalie served in the military as well, her path was a little different because she went to the Marines (I think everyone else was army). We are all very proud of Natalie and her service to this country, especially during a war.

Natalie was married while in the service but unfortunately her husband was killed in a traffic accident (non military related). This was a shock for everyone to attend a funeral for someone so young. Natalie currently is going to school part time while supporting her family as well.

Edited: July 30th, 2002

Tribute to House on Tulane

There are over 50 years of memories in this house. James’ Grandma and Grandpa Kleiber bought the house before it was even a city. It has undergone many changes such as aluminum siding, awnings, back porch, addition and various cement work and has always served the family well. The basement has always leaked, as many in the area have and it is technically in a flood zone, although the threat of flood is super remote at best. A creek about a mile away that we used to jump over as kids technically counts as a body of water which makes this home currently a poor investment since it requires flood insurance, a plan the Clinton administration came up with to finance the homes on the Mississippi that were constantly getting flooded out.

Edited: April 30th, 2002

Bill Picture Archive

Bill is the brother to Mary, Father to 3 children and grandfather to 2. Bill is married to Valerie and is James Uncle and currently lives in Tennessee.

Bill loves working on cars and can fix or solve almost any problem you might have. Mary tells us stories of how Bill and her father would restore old cars and make a profit doing so. My understanding is Howard (Mary and Bills Dad) is very mechanically inclined and that gift has rubbed off on Bill.

Edited: January 1st, 2002