Congrats on a Great Track Season

Annapolis’s Track Season officially ended today with a pizza party and awards. We were very proud of James who participated throughout the season and finished what he began, improving at the shot put the entire time. James made it to practices and events despite the weather (which seemed more unpredictable this year than most) which says much about his attitude and worth ethic.
James came home with a letter, a certificate, and a plaque with the entire team photo on it, kudos to James and Annapolis for rewarding participants like this. We have uploaded pics of all three here.

James has gotten his own shot put and plans on working out with the shot put ball and his workout bench this summer to become better in his sophomore year and continuing through his high school career at Annapolis. We have the back yard set up for him so he can measure his throws and also have those solar lights so he can throw a little after the sun sets on those exceptionally hot days. (more…)

Edited: May 31st, 2018

Red Wings Stanley Cup Champs 2008

The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup Championship in 2008 and the entire city celebrated. Although we did not make the parade this year, we did spent an afternoon downtown and captured the spirit of the city. I especially enjoyed seeing the big tiger out front of Comerica Park dressed up in a Red Wing outfit. James liked the Tiger too and thats why there are so many pictures of it. Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings who have won more Stanley Cups than any other team in the United States.

Edited: June 12th, 2008

Comerica Park 2007

We got some great seats to a Detroit Tiger game vs Mets from our neighbors and James had a blast there with the merry go round and ferris wheel. The Tigers put on a good show and won the game handily, lots of scoring on both sides. One thing I will never forget about this trip was James eating peanuts, I had assumed that Mary bought them for him, while she assumed that I had bought them for him. As it turned out they were the people sitting behind us, James simply turned around and started eating their peanuts. Both parties laughed and we got them another bag of peanuts. They were from NY and were here to see the new stadium and their beloved Mets.

Edited: June 10th, 2007

Valentines Day with the Pistons 2007

The Pistons do alot of great things to promote their team, one of them is a Valentines day game and Mary is a big Piston fan. I surprised her this Valentine day with tickets to her beloved Pistons who were playing the dreaded San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons lost their bid for back to back championships when the Spurs beat them in a 7 game series. Unfortunately for us, the Pistons did not show up this night and lost to the Spurs by double digits.

Edited: February 14th, 2007

New Years Party 2007

There is no better day for football than New Years Day, we had some friends over and had the basement all decked out for the event. The Wolverines lost to the USC Trojans but it did not put too much of a damper on the whole party. We have hosted several pretty good sports parties but this was the first time our team had lost since we started doing sports parties in the basement. Whenever we host a sports party and our team wins, we make a little tribute to the event and put it in a frame as a sort of trophy for our party, unfortunately the Wolverines let us down so we don’t get a trophy from this one.

Edited: January 1st, 2007

World Series 2006

The Tigers went from worse to first in 3 years and made it to the World Series, which unfortunately they lost in 5 games. Ironically it was against the St Louis Cardinals so I think each generation of Kleiber has gotten to see a Detroit/St Louis World Series.

One of the earliest and strongest memories I have is of the Tigers winning the World Series in 1968 (against the same Cardinals). They won it again in 1984 but it wouldn’t be until 2006 that they would reach the fall classic again. We took James downtown to share in some of the excitement of a World Series, since it has only seems to happen once every 20 years. Hopefully the Tigers will deliver a World Championship before the next 20 years. To be honest with you, it was so cold this day I could not imagine how they were able to play baseball at all. Baseball needs to shorten its season.

Edited: October 29th, 2006

Super Bowl 2006

The Superbowl came to Detroit and we took James downtown during Super Bowl week to participate in some of the festivities. James got to see radio row and rode on the people mover to Greek town and then off to Ford Field and a stop at Comerica park (which would be the first time James saw the two new Detroit stadiums). We bought James an official Super Bowl XL outfit, then drove by the Spirit of Detroit to see how the statue was dressed for the event.

The Steelers won the Superbowl later in the week which we watched together on TV. One of the other sites I do is called “The Curse of Bobby Layne” and it was interesting that the one time a Superbowl was played in Detroit it would be won by the team Bobby was traded to nearly 50 years ago.

Edited: February 3rd, 2006

Detroit Lions Benefit Softball 2004

Thought James might enjoy an afternoon in the fresh air so we went to a charity softball game between the Detroit Lions and the Police. We buy tickets to this event every year and usually donate the tickets to charity but this year we decided to go. the Lions have been struggling as of late, well actually they have been struggling for as long as I can remember, but who knows maybe they can play softball.

I think it will be a long time before the Lions recover from the loss of Barry Sanders, the team has been so bad I don’t even know any of the players.

Edited: September 3rd, 2004

Pistons Championship Run 2004

The Pistons were battling the Lakers for the NBA Championship and we went downtown to snap some pics, then took James to the Dearborn Heights festival for a little summer fun. The Pistons would go on to stun the Los Angeles Lakers in what we call a 5 game sweep (Coby made a miracle 3 pointer in game two to force overtime which the Lakers won). The Lakers were not only considered the best team in the NBA, they were being considered as the best team of all time with hall of famers at every position. The Pistons were heavy underdogs, even Jim Rome flat out stated “Detroit is not going to win this” before the series started.

The Pistons surprised a lot of people this year.

Edited: May 30th, 2004