Congrats on a Great Track Season

Annapolis’s Track Season officially ended today with a pizza party and awards. We were very proud of James who participated throughout the season and finished what he began, improving at the shot put the entire time. James made it to practices and events despite the weather (which seemed more unpredictable this year than most) which says much about his attitude and worth ethic.
James came home with a letter, a certificate, and a plaque with the entire team photo on it, kudos to James and Annapolis for rewarding participants like this. We have uploaded pics of all three here.

James has gotten his own shot put and plans on working out with the shot put ball and his workout bench this summer to become better in his sophomore year and continuing through his high school career at Annapolis. We have the back yard set up for him so he can measure his throws and also have those solar lights so he can throw a little after the sun sets on those exceptionally hot days. (more…)

Edited: May 31st, 2018

O.W. Best Dance

This was James first dance at O.W. Best and he had a great time. The dance was a little bit more formal than the ones he had at Lincoln Park since it was 8th graders only and was sort of a graduation dance as these kids will be heading into Annapolis next year. James said the music was good, but it was not live as they had a DJ (which is cool).

Edited: June 2nd, 2017

Greenfield Village Field Trip

gfIMG_0493James got to go on a field trip with his seventh grade class and had a blast. Mom and Dad picked him up at the village to save him the long bus ride home from school (James does not care for the long afternoon bus ride although he does not seem to mind the early bus ride to school). The night before James said he was “tasked” with providing orange drink for the class and bought a pitcher and made everyone orange drink. Mom and Dad were a little suspect as he added more sugar but he claimed he knew what he was doing and it was his special recipe. We packed his orange drink in a cooler but to be safe we went out and added a couple packs of those fruit drinks just in case. Big thanks to his teacher Mr Jernigan for the pictures.

Edited: June 8th, 2016

READING – The Recipe For Success at Hoover Elementary

readingnighthJames enjoyed an evening at school that promoted reading and was done in a very fun way. First the principle had a raffle and raffled off some nice gifts (including Tiger tickets and an auto graphed jersey). We were also entertained with two skits between the raffles (A salad skit and a stirring rendition of RESPECT).

Next we went to our first course, it was called Barnyard Express where James learned about farm animals and how they milk them and such. Included were a small horse, a sheep, a goat, a baby pic, a couple baby goats, and the star of the show, a dog. After the course James got an ice cream sandwich from his teach, Mrs Jent.

In between courses, James got to pick out a free book.

James second course was “Big Block of Chocolate” which was a story about … you guessed it, a big block of chocolate. After the story the kids had to “melt” a small piece of chocolate and as a reward they got to dip a marshmallow and pretzel in a chocolate fountain.

All in all a great evening at the school

Edited: March 20th, 2014

School Picnic Pictures

Below are some pictures sent by James’ teacher of him playing at the annual school picnic.

Edited: June 13th, 2012

James Makes Honor Roll

We got a real big surprise today when James came home with an honor roll certificate for the fourth quarter. This is Jame’s second honor roll this year so like we did when he got his first one we took him out to celebrate. He had a chocolate/vanilla swirl dipped in chocolate at the Dairy Queen, and got a Wii point card for his Nintendo Wii system. We know James had to work hard to earn the certificate this quarter and we are all so very proud of his achievement(s).

James last day of school is Thursday and we do have a few surprises for him on that day as well.

Edited: June 12th, 2012

Reading Night at Hoover Elementary

James had a fun time at the Hoover Elementary Reading night. First he met up with a couple of his class mates then got to be entertained with “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis. After that James went to his first reading destination which was Ms. Frizzle’s Castle which was read by Mrs Jent, his regular teacher. After reading a story the kids got to make tiaras, wands, and shields. James made a shield and you can see it as the last picture in the gallery. The S in the upper left hand represents what James wants to be in life…a School teacher. The K in the upper right represent his family K=Kleiber. The lower left H represents Espirit Decorp, mainly Hoover elementary, and the J represents James. The Kleiber Crest looked great on his practice sheet, however when he went to put it on his Shield he put the crest on the Titanic! A thousand years from now when they discover the Kleiber crest they will see the Titanic on it.

James second destination was Dinosaurs and Reptiles, and had several living creatures including salamanders, lizards, and turtles. The instructor talked about extinction and the idea that dinosaurs are not really extinct but live on in birds. He showed several dinosaur skulls then the kids got to pet the lizards and the animated triceratops.

Afterwards all the kids got ice cream sundaes. What a way to spend an evening!

Edited: March 22nd, 2012

James Makes Honor Roll

Yes its true, no one was more stunned than us, but it appears James turned it up at school and really did well this marking period, making the Honor roll and getting several awards including an award for improvement in reading. His behavior has been much better as well, although in a recent parent/teacher meeting the teachers said James gets a little anxious the last half hour of school and if he causes them trouble thats usually the time.

We are all proud of James and when we got the news from school took James out to Walmart and bought him a video game he had wanted (we were going to get it for him for Christmas anyhow). Hopefully he can continue winning awards at school and making his family proud.


Edited: November 27th, 2011

Hoover Elementary Halloween Parade 2011

For the second year in a row James and his classmates participated in the Hoover Elementary Halloween Parade. The entire school marched around the front of the school in their halloween costumes, led by their principle Mrs Springer, who wore the purple jester costume. The costumes seemed to be much more elaborate than last years, with Darth Vader and Batman seeming to be the favorites among boys, and witches and angels the favorites among girls.


Edited: October 28th, 2011

Hoover Elementary Halloween Parade

James had a big day Friday, the 29th of Oct, when he got to dress up in his Halloween costume to go to school. James was pretty excited the night before and did not sleep well, in the morning he was yawning and was somewhat sluggish while watching Curious George. This is actually not what he will be wearing on Halloween (he will be Woody from Toy Story but we were very concerned the high winds might blow away Woody’s cowboy hat at the parade). The parade took place around the school and it appeared everyone was very well dressed. James looked surprised and somewhat in awe at the festivities, this was the first parade he has ever been in (he has seen several) and was a little shy, but he soon got into the swing of things, waving to his adoring public. Later in the day they had a Halloween party for just the students and James came home with many Halloween decorations he made in class.

Most of the decorations for Halloween are up, but not a lot outside yet (we had pretty heavy winds so none of the inflatables are up yet, they will go up Halloween morning if the weather permits). Weather is forecasting rain on Halloween so we have made preparations for other activities if Jame’s trick or treating is shortened.

Edited: October 30th, 2010