Mothers Day 2018

Despite it being a very wet weekend with tons of rain and even some flooding in certain areas, we managed to show Mom a good time on Mothers day as we visited several antique stores, a coin shop (Mom collects half dollars) and had lunch at East Side Mario’s. James got to see Grandma as well as he dropped off a gift he had picked out for her while shopping earlier. A really great day despite the horrible wet weather, hopefully we can get back to sunny skies quickly.

Edited: May 12th, 2018

Mothers Day 2016

20160508_095817The weather was perfect this Mothers day. The day began with a trip to Michigan Memorial Cemetery where we put flowers on everyone’s grave. The flowers were so new that they had not bloomed yet so they should look pretty good all week. We were very pleased to see how well maintained Raymond’s grave was compared to in the past. After the flowers we went and ate lunch at Red Lobster where Mom got crab linguini, Dad got the sailors platter, and James got crab legs. The next stop was the antique store where Mom got to do a little shopping, followed by a trip to Dearborn Market for some flowers. All in all a real great day! (more…)

Edited: May 9th, 2016

Moms Day 2015

20150510_112913 The day started off by getting Aunt Peg’s phone working which got us off to a little late start but we managed to catch up and have a lot of fun. First stop on this sunny Sunday was Memorial cemetery where we put flowers on the family graves in honor of Mothers day. James did the water pouring and Mom did the flowers while Dad took pictures. Of special note were the flowers we put into Loretta Kleibers vase (James grandmother on his fathers side) because these flowers were actually planted by Loretta years ago. There is one spot in the backyard where these flowers she planted still come up every spring and so we thought we would give her flowers she planted from her own garden. Uncle Raymond’s grave once again had to have some upkeep, we hope to call the cemetery Monday to remind them to give Uncle Raymond a flag since they missed it last year.

After the visit to the cemetery we went to Mary’s favorite place, an antique shop in Flat Rock where Jame’s met a 200 year old cabinet he liked. Finally lunch time rolled around and we went to Red Lobster in Monroe then finished the afternoon shopping at Christmas Tree Shop and Walmart. (more…)

Edited: May 10th, 2015

Mary’s Birthday 2008

I thought James would have fun helping me decorate for a small surprise party for Mom. He was in school now but I wanted him to know we can still have a lot of fun together afterwards. We went to the party store and got balloons, noisemakers, and cake to celebrate and decorated the kitchen table while Mom was out shopping. James and I had a blast and Mary was certainly surprised when she walked in with groceries and saw the decorations.

Edited: September 5th, 2008

Mary Picture Archive

Mary is the daughter of Howard and Judith, Sister to Bill, Wife to Chuck, and Mother to James. She is one of the sweetest people I know and is always trying to help others. She is a great mother to James and he loves her very much.

Mary has worked in real estate and also worked in restaurants, both managing them and as an employee. Like her father and brother, Mary is very knowledgeable about cars and automobiles, although she stops short of working on them. Her favorite car is a Nash Metropolitan because she used to ride in one to school when she was a kid. She does web designing and has done very well in that area both creatively and financially. She also enjoys running a household and is an excellent cook for James and myself.

We would not know what to do without her.

Edited: January 1st, 2002