Christmas 2017

What a fun Christmas we had this year, lots of fun, lots of food, and plenty of presents. The day actually started around midnight when we began putting the gifts out. The new “IT” movie was playing and it was dark and snowy outside which created a kind of aura in the house. Breakfast finally came and Mary made her famous chocolate chip French Toast, then we opened gifts and listened to Christmas music on Jame’s new stereo. After eating a beautiful ham dinner we watched movies including “This Christmas” and “Christmas Vacation” while putting together and playing with our new gifts. Many thanks for all the cards and gifts, James has special thanks to Grandma, Aunt Criss, and Uncle Kenny for their gifts through the mail.

Edited: December 25th, 2017

Plymouth’s Walk of Tree’s Christmas 2017

Plymouth is a fun place to be year round, but it has several reasons for making a winter trek out that way. Not only do they do the ice sculpture in January, but they have the Walk of Trees Festival in December! Tree’s are decorated for the holidays by various persons and company’s and they line the walk way of Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth. James and his family visited there this day (the trees are constantly lit so if you have a dreary cloudy day they will surely brighten up your day) and had a blast visiting the shops and seeing the trees. James got a miniature Eiffel tower for his French class, Mom got chocolate covered potato chips, and Dad got a realistic battery operated candle that works for both Christmas and Halloween.

After leaving Plymouth we stopped off at one of Mom’s favorite shops, the Town Peddler where James had his picture taken in their new photo op area. To top off the day’s activities we stopped in to see how Aunt Peg was doing. All and all a very active and fun day, although it was a little cold outside in the park.

Edited: December 10th, 2017

Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Video

Edited: December 13th, 2016

Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Pictures

VIP Camp teams up with the city of Taylor for this annual event, and best of all James gets to see some of the VIP Instructors and Campers again, some of them for the first time since August. As usual the staff outdid themselves with another awesome display, some of it Dad might have seen as a child at the old Hudson store in Detroit. In addition to visiting with friends, James got to sit down with Jolly ol St Nick himself and gave him a list of items he wanted, most being study books for school.

All in all a wonderful day on a cold December night in Michigan, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


Edited: December 13th, 2016

First Snow of 2015

20150104_173412The first snowfall of the year came during the Lions playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately the Lions lost despite leading until about 2 minutes to go, but we finally got to see how our snowmen display looks before being put away for the season. James helped with the snow and shoveled about half of the sidewalk while Dad took these pictures. It’s suppose to snow a few more times this week but hopefully they will be light like it was today (everyone still remembers the harshness of last winter). While it wasn’t a white Christmas we can’t say we didn’t get any snow this Holiday season.

Unfortunately it was the Lions out of the playoffs that signified the end of the Christmas/New Year Holiday (24-20), its back to school for James and back to work for everyone else.


Edited: January 4th, 2015

Christmas 2014

20141225_084804James and family had a simply awesome Christmas Holiday. James visited both Grandma and Aunt Peg (who both gave him gifts), then got a special delivery from JC Penny from his Aunt Criss and Uncle Ken and this was just Christmas eve. That night we continued our tradition of watching movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas, our number one Christmas movie is “Dead End” (a spooky story about a family driving on Christmas eve to celebrate Christmas with their family). Next is Holiday Inn (not White Christmas), after that comes our two X File shows, Post Modern Prometheus (Moms Choice) and The Ghosts who Stole Christmas (Dads Choice), finally rounded out with Mothman Prophecies.

Christmas Day centered around James and his desk. He had been ordering desk items with his Christmas money and gift certs from Grandma, Aunt Peg, and Aunt Criss/Uncle Ken and was not disappointed when he woke up with a new desk in his room. His friend “Dynamike” got him a printer and sims game so it was probably not the best kept secret that he was getting a new desk, but still a surprise.

Other gifts include a Monopoly game, National Geographics (James collects these), bathrobe, and a cd rom set with all the National Geographics on it. Mom got a new vacuum and Dad got a “Barnyard Butcher” and Detroit Lion Zombie figure. All in all a very fun Christmas.

Edited: December 25th, 2014

Santa’s Magic Forest 2014

20141216_180716James returned to Santa’s Magic Forest for the second year now and got to meet up with several of his VIP camp friends. This was one of the few times we were able to surprise James as he had no idea where he was going a 6pm this night (James was under the weather the past two days and we wanted to make sure he was ok before taking him which aided in us keeping it a secret). Unfortunately Mom is now under the weather and she could not make it to the festivities. The decorations were awesome as usual and James simply had a blast this day (I would say winter blast but the temperature was in the low 50’s and high 40’s most of the day). Big thanks to the VIP campers for making this event happen.

Edited: December 16th, 2014

Halloween at Frankenmuth 2014

In what many expect to be the last really nice weekend of the year, we decided to visit Frankenmuth during the heart of the Halloween season and see what its like. James was able to participate in some very unique Halloween activities including pumpkin bowling (he threw a spare), exploring through a hay maze, and a pumpkin catapult. We then ate dinner at the Bavarian Inn and then explored Bronners. We finished up the day at a couple antique stores where we picked up a couple Halloween cookie jars at less than half price (which we added to our Halloween cookie jar shelf in the basement) and a Halloween blow mold of a ghost coming out of a pumpkin which we added to our Halloween display.

All in all a great “summerish” day in late October. (more…)

Edited: October 25th, 2014

James Christmas Shopping Spree

James at the store spending the money he got from relatives and friends at Christmas time.

Edited: January 7th, 2013

Christmas 2012 Trip To Bronners

20121222_165243A trip to Bronners in December is special, especially as the sun sets and all the Christmas lights turn on. We had planned to get to Bronners to surprise James with a Titanic Christmas bulb which we saw in an ad. James also got a Statue of Liberty bulb and a free bulb for spending over $25.

Meanwhile Mary got to visit a cupcake bakery that she had seen on Cupcake Wars (a reality series on cable). Seems this bakery in Frankenmuth came in first place so we bought some cupcakes while we were there and ate them on the way home.

As the sun began to set the Christmas lights came on in the city and it was a gorgeous spectacle. We drove through the town and across the covered bridge then headed home for the evening.

Edited: December 22nd, 2012