Halloween Day 2017

This year James split time between handing out candy and going trick or treat (just on our block since he is in High School). James had several visitors who had classes with him at Annapolis so that was fun for him, seeing his friends both as a trick or treater and as a candy handler. The weather was good so we moved the giant spider from the back to the front and moved out the skeletons from inside that were set up for the party. This made a very crowded scene that was well received, event the security cameras on the house caught some of the fun video taping all the visitors. Read more »

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Greenfield Village Halloween 2017

Despite the high temperature being only in the mid 40’s and an overcast sky, we braved the elements and visited Greenfield Village on the last day of their halloween spectacular. Pumpkins lined the streets and fields and all were carved (I wonder where they get all the carved pumpkins?). We made sure to ride the train, ride the model T, and ride the carousel since it will be probably a year before we get to ride them again. We enjoyed the tribute to the Birds as they had a bunch of crows outside of the school yard as one of their exhibits. Its very clever how they weave Halloween into all the American history there. Read more »

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2017 Halloween Video Playlist

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Halloween Party 2017

This event is so much fun for the entire family as everyone does their part to make this party work. Believe it or not this is the 7th Halloween Party and it really has grown from its humble beginnings. Lots of time spent at garage sales and after Halloween sales throughout the years pays off this time of year. This is also one of the two busiest weeks of the year for Dad (the other is magic week in Colon MI) as he has to take vacation time to get everything done. We actually start working on the party after Labor day but we don’t really push it till the week before.

This year we had bonus surprise – a Magic Mirror Photo Booth which was a lot of fun, it was loaned to us by Dynamike the Magician who came by before the party to set everything up. James was able to assist our guests in getting their picture taken throughout the day, some of these pics are included in the gallery.

Thanks again to all the people who have supported this party both this year and in years past. The party was very well attended and a fun time was had by all. Read more »

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James 14th Birthday

Its hard to believe James is now 14 years old and going to High School. James got plenty of gifts this year, especially in the mail. Thanks to Aunt Criss, Uncle Ken, Grandma, Aunt Peg, Keith & Renee, and of course Mom & Dad. James got to pick his favorite restaurant so we went to the China Buffet for dinner (James had school). When asked if he wanted a party or was still happy with having the Halloween party instead he immediately answered Halloween. Read more »

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Abbott’s 80th Magic Get Together Colon MI

We have two weeks each year that are just exhausting due to having so much fun. The week of James’ Halloween Party is one of those weeks and the other is Magic Week in Colon Michigan which features the Abbott Magic Get Together (also James has his VIP camp finale this week so it is truly a busy week for us). Magicians everywhere performing on the streets, performing in tents, performing on stage, and performing in shops. We have been coming to these since James was 2 so he loves it and in that time has been called up on stage twice by magicians to help. Read more »

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Woodhaven Festival & Side Show

Woodhaven is right next to Trenton just off I75 and each year they have an awesome summer festival that has to be seen to believed. This year was special for James as he got to see the Side Show folks he had met earlier in the summer performing for real (they will also be performing at the Magic Get Together a month from now). The banner line for the side show is literally gigantic as you can see from some of these pics. The carnival is free to attend, parking is reasonable and close, and a great time was had by all. Read more »

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A Summer Project

Nothing better for a boy and his dad to work on a nice summer project, and this year was the marble roller coaster. On the surfact this looks pretty simple, but actual construction was problematical at best as many items had to be considered. After several hours, and help from Kitty Thelma, we were finally able to make the thing work and video taped it as proof because we suspect not too many people would have the patience to deal with this thing. Read more »

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Bronners and Frankenmuth 2017

Mom had a coupon for Bavarian Inn so on the trip back from Mackinac we ate a late lunch in Frankenmuth and then proceeded to Bronners to round out the day. Mom also had a coupon for 15% off anything we buy at Bronners so we checked everything out and saved a little money along the way. James saw a $4,500 Christmas tree he liked that he liked in the Christmas tree forest, the tree was taller than our home. On the way out we saw the Bronners parade float and snapped a couple pics there as well. It was a really great finale to a wonderful time up North. Read more »

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Mackinaw Island 2017

It was a wee bit chilly on the boat ride to and from Mackinaw city, but we survived and then bought Mackinaw sweaters on the island. James and Dad went through the Mirror Maze and completed it, then followed up with a visit to the haunted house where James survived terrifying creatures of the night. Mom loved the shopping and we all met up to go down to the rock beach and attempt to skip stones. Like the city, new stores replace old every year and this year was no different, with the Magic shop next to the haunted house gone. One thing that was really different was seeing a cruise ship docked at Mackinaw City, seems an 11 day cruise of the Great Lakes was taking place which started in Chicago, how fun would that be! Read more »

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