Oldest Landis

Jean Boucher is the oldest traceable relationship we could find on the Landis side, what is your relationship to him.

Name Birth date Relationship with Jean Boucher
Bennett, Elizabeth Hensler 24 Jul 1770 Wife of the 5th great-grandson
Bois, Gaspard Boucher De Gros 1599 Great-grandson
Boucher, Jacques Jean 1562 Grandson
Boucher, Jean 1500 Self
Boucher, Jean Jehan 1521 Son
Boucher, Jehan 1475 Father
Bournier, Jehanne Moreau 1485 Wife
Buckner, Francis 1948 Wife of the 10th great-grandson
Cagle, Charles 1791 Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter
Charest, Claire Francoise Choret 04 Mar 1674 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson
Crevier, Marie Jeanne 1636 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson
De Boucherville, Pierre Boucher 1622 2nd great-grandson
de Montbrun, Etienne Boucher 27 Nov 1714 4th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Alfred Wilson May 1834 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Andrew Jackson 1838 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1820 7th great-granddaughter
Demonbreun, Eulalie 1899 9th great-granddaughter
Demonbreun, James Edward 01 Feb 1829 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Jean Baptiste 24 Jan 1788 6th great-grandson
Demonbreun, John 1843 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, John Gabriel 1827 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, John Spencer 1821 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Joseph 1905 9th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Mary E 1872 Wife of the 8th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Mary Nancy 1840 7th great-granddaughter
Demonbreun, Molly Polly 1792 6th great-granddaughter
Demonbreun, Robert Eaton 08 Sep 1845 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, Samuel B Oct 1824 7th great-grandson
Demonbreun, William 1794 6th great-grandson
Demonbreun, William A 1899 9th great-grandson
DeMontbrun, Jacques Timothe Boucher 23 Mar 1747 5th great-grandson
Demumbran, R s 24 May 1833 7th great-grandson
Demumbreun, Frank 8th great-grandson
Demumbreun, Hattie 8th great-granddaughter
Demumbreun, Minnie 8th great-granddaughter
Demumbreun, William 1867 8th great-grandson
Fournier, Guillaume William 1460 Father-in-law
Hollis, Elizabeth 30 Mar 1808 Wife of the 6th great-grandson
Huault, Catherine Hout 1460 Mother-in-law
Keel, Valerie Wife of the 11th great-grandson
Kleiber, Charles Joseph 17 Dec 1960 Husband of the 11th great-granddaughter
Kleiber, James Raymond 18 Sep 2003 12th great-grandson
Landis, Andrew 1984 12th great-grandson
Landis, Ashley 1982 12th great-granddaughter
Landis, James Edward 15 Oct 1955 11th great-grandson
Landis, Leslie Brian 12 Jan 1975 11th great-grandson
Landis, Mary Elizabeth 06 Sep 1958 11th great-granddaughter
Landis, Tiffany 1983 12th great-granddaughter
Landis, William H 05 Nov 1895 Husband of the 9th great-granddaughter
Landis, William Howard 01 Mar 1928 10th great-grandson
Landis, William Howard 26 Oct 1956 11th great-grandson
Lemaire, Nicole Lemere 1600 Wife of the great-grandson
Mangrum Husband of the 12th great-granddaughter
Mangrum, Laura 13th great-granddaughter
Merritt, Sallie 1844 Wife of the 7th great-grandson
Monbrun, Ren Jean Boucher 06 Feb 1667 3rd great-grandson
Norman, Judith Elinor 17 Apr 1937 Wife of the 10th great-grandson
Ogilvie, H 1850 8th great-granddaughter
Ogilvie, James 01 Apr 1852 8th great-grandson
Ogilvie, Jason W 03 Jun 1841 8th great-grandson
Ogilvie, Mary A 23 Oct 1839 8th great-granddaughter
Ogilvie, Remus 17 Jun 1846 8th great-grandson
Ogilvie, Richard Harris 11 Jun 1843 8th great-grandson
Ogilvie, Romulus 17 Jun 1846 8th great-grandson
Ogilvie, William Harris 17 Dec 1818 Husband of the 7th great-granddaughter
Paigne, Fran Oise 1564 Wife of the grandson
Patton, Mary Adline 14 Aug 1801 Wife of the 6th great-grandson
Raciot, Marie Madeliene 11 Feb 1723 Wife of the 4th great-grandson
Roussin, Fran Oise 1508 Daughter-in-law