Oldest Kleiber

Charles H Kleiber is the oldest traceable relationship we could find on the Kleiber side, what is your relationship to him.

Name Birth date Relationship with Charles H Kleiber
Gedman, Joe 2nd great-grandson
Gedman, Joseph Husband of the great-granddaughter
Gedman, Tracy 2nd great-granddaughter
Graf, Loretta Rose 29 Jan 1920 Wife of the grandson
Kleiber, Augusta 1859 Wife
Kleiber, Ben 04 Jan 1894 Son
Kleiber, Bruce Great-grandson
Kleiber, Charles H Sep 1854 Self
Kleiber, Charles Joseph 17 Dec 1960 Great-grandson
Kleiber, Charles Thomas 14 Apr 1917 Grandson
Kleiber, Christine Louise 20 Aug 1950 Great-granddaughter
Kleiber, Donald W 1933 Grandson
Kleiber, Dorothy 25 May 1919 Granddaughter
Kleiber, George 1880 Son
Kleiber, Gladis I 1894 Daughter-in-law
Kleiber, Howard 1884 Son
Kleiber, James Raymond 18 Sep 2003 2nd great-grandson
Kleiber, Karoline Wife of the grandson
Kleiber, Mamie 13 May 1886 Daughter
Kleiber, Margaret Ann 18 Sep 1946 Great-granddaughter
Kleiber, Mary Ann 1935 Wife of the grandson
Kleiber, Michael Great-grandson
Kleiber, Raymond 1925 Grandson
Kleiber, Sandy Great-granddaughter
Kleiber, Virginia 1925 Granddaughter
Kleiber, Walter H 29 May 1892 Son
Kleiber, Walter H 02 Sep 1913 Grandson
Landis, Mary Elizabeth 06 Sep 1958 Wife of the great-grandson
Ruthier, Millie 31 Jan 1897 Daughter-in-law
Selvia, Ken 02 Sep 1946 Husband of the great-granddaughter
Sokel, Barbara Great-granddaughter
Sokel, William 08 Jun 1915 Husband of the granddaughter
Turowski, Richard 11 Aug 1937 Husband of the great-granddaughter