Prior to youtube we displayed movies online the old fashion way. Below are some of these movies. For more current movies visit

Christmas 2006


A quick look at the decorations outside for Christmas 2006


We first saw the Rudolph train in 2003, it is still going strong in 2006, didn’t make it in 2008.


James wakes up and finds that Santa Claus (and a few others) have dropped off gifts Christmas morning


For old time sakes we drove by the Trenton house to see if anything was happening Christmas evening


The living room took quite a hit after James was playing in it all day.


James playing with the new car he got for Christmas in the living room


James and the Santa band with a rendition of Jingle Bells

Wedding and Honeymoon Movies

Our Wedding

Originally we were going to get married in Las Vegas but due to 911 and other circumstances we decided to tie the knot locally at the Dearborn Heights City Hall. My Sister Peg, Cousin Ron, and Aunt Louise acted as witnesses for the occassion.

Macinac Bridge

The longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere is not the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Macinac Bridge which joins the upper and lower penninsula’s of Michigan.

Grand Hotel

Located on Macinac Island, the Grand Hotel boasts one of the longest porches in the world and has been the location for several movies including “Somewhere in Time”.

Horse and Buggy

Since automobiles are not allowed on Macinac Island, to get from place to place you must either walk, ride a bike, or for newlyweds like ourselves, take a horse and carriage ride.

Macinac Island

A collage of footage of what Mary and I consider one of the most beautiful and adventurous Island in the world. This is one of only four places on earth where the US flag is flown 24 hours a day.

Haunted House

Mary always goes first when we go through a Haunted House, however she did not know I was using nightvision in my camera. Remember, as far as Mary is concerned it is pitch black dark in here.

Soo Locks

Only in Michigan can your find a Poe Lock and not be politically incorrect. The Locks raise and lower the supertankers that navigate the Great Lakes of Michigan.

James Raymond Baby Movies


This is James a couple minutes after birth. He has just had a quick sponge bath to remove some of the afterbirth.

Birth Tests

After birth, they take measurements and readings of the child to make sure he’s healthy and also for his official papers.

Dr Parks

Dr. Parks meets James and makes some medical comments as well.

Hospital Nursery

James is about an hour old here, patiently waiting to meet his mom who is being stitched up in the operating room.

Hospital Nursery 2

More of James in the hospital nursery. He would spend his first few days in this room.

First Handshake

James shakes hands with dad in this video. Again this is about 1-2 hours after birth.

Mom 2

James meets mom for the second time, this time in her recovery room.

First Night Home

James first night of sleep in his bassinet. He will probably sleep in this for the next two months or so.

Play Pen

As James grows so will his playpen. Here he is seen using the bassinet feature of the playpen.


James enjoys his swing in the living room. He can look in or out of the house here.


James right before his Baptism, being held by his Aunt Criss.


Aunt Louise made it to James Baptism which was held in Dearborn Heights.

Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer at St Alberts during James Baptism


James with his mother and father and Godparents, the Baptism was performed by Deacon Ray.

Christmas Movies 2003

Rattle Ball

James Raymond receives a new rattle ball for Christmas. The ball has two different sides each with additional balls rolling around.


James Raymond receives several sets of peek a blocks, each block with a different function and toy in it.


James Raymond watches Mr Hanky Christmas day as bubbles blow and the Rudolph train steams around the track.

Baseball Cards

James Raymond receives the complete 2003 set of Topps Baseball cards (Mark would be proud).

Foot Piano

James Raymond receives a piano that he can play with his feet, each key makes a different animal sound.

Lucy’s Gift

Lucy got up early to open her gifts. In this video you can see her picking out her gift.

Christmas Decorations

This video is of the outside of the house Christmas day (which was white this year).

Lucy and Train

Trains and kitties sometimes don’t get along as Lucy gets startled by the Rudolph train.

Playing Piano

James Raymond receives a new rattle ball for Christmas. The ball has two different sides each with additional balls rolling around.

So Big

James Raymond keeps getting better and better at playing so big. Simply ask him “How Big?” and this is the response you will get (sometimes).

Bouncing Tigger

James Raymond playing with bouncing Tigger on his new highchair which also was a Christmas gift.

James on Track

James Raymond under the Christmas Tree with a gift in his hands.

Vibrating Chair

James Raymond got a cool vibrating chair which he enjoys alot whether it is vibrating or not. James enjoys watching events in this chair


James Raymond got a new walker for Christmas (He has one for when he gets bigger as well). He doesn’t walk alot but likes playing in it.

Las Vegas Movies

Limo Ride

The first thing we did after getting checked in was to hop in a limo and take a quick tour of the strip to see what was new.

Dolphin Sanctuary

The dolphin habitat at the Mirage is truly spectacular when you consider you are in the middle of a desert. I wonder how they transported the dolphins here?

White Cats

Ziegfried and Roy’s famous white cats and other animals from their show live in this habitat located at the Mirage. It is included with the dolphin package and is a great little zoo in its own right.


My sister Peg wanted us to get a picture of a Ferengi when we went to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. However, the Ferengi were less than cooperative due to our lack of “gold pressed latinum”.

Moving Statues

Caesars Palace is based on Rome and has many statues, some of which move and give performances to the guest. This clip is the finale to their Race to Atlantis statue show which is quite impressive considering its free..

New York New York

Although it doesn’t have quite the same atmosphere as the city its named after, it is alot cleaner and safer than the original. Plus it has a cool roller coaster!

View from Paris

If you visit the photo galleries you will find pictures of the Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower under construction. On this trip we travelled to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower and took this great shot of the strip.

Car Museum

Mary never passes up a chance to see classic cars and Vegas was no exception. This Museum is second only to Henry Ford in Dearborn as far as historic car collections go and maybe even a little more versatile.

Nash Metropolitan

Mary’s favorite car is the Nash Metropolitan. They did not have one at any of the car museums we went to in either Vegas or Michigan, but we found one at the M&M factory along the strip.


Probably the most easily recognized building in Vegas is the pyramid Luxor. Inside we visited King Tuts Tomb (an exact replica) and also enjoyed a buffet breakfast there. This video is of one of the entrances to the huge structure.

House of Blues

What a cool bar and gift shop, Mary and I both enjoyed this place and Mary bought me a “House of Blues” baseball cap while we were there. A combination of the Blues Brothers and VooDoo Ritual, this place has an atmosphere all its own.

Gondola Ride

A very romantic time at the Venetian. Our Gondola person told us he was from Venice and the Venetian was a very accurate reproduction of his hometown. In fact, it will probably outlast Venice since it is slowly sinking.

Don King

Don King held a press conference while we were at Caesars to promote the Ruiz/Jones fight. The night before Caesars sent out invites to their guest instructing them to be there at 12 noon, however the conference did not start till 2pm.

Roller Coaster

All Kleibers love roller coasters and Vegas has several, I am not to thrilled about the one on top of stratos as I am no big fan of heights, but the New York, New York coaster I thought was pretty cool and novel.

Fremont Street

This was my third trip to Vegas and I had never seen Fremont Street. The week we were there a shooting occured on Fremont street which made it even more difficult to visit, however we finally just hoped in a cab and went, it was well worth the visit.

President and I

This is an inside joke for friends and family as I am at the podium with President Bush banning a local troublemaker from Vegas, all in jest of course.

The Strip

Shot from one side of the strip to the other, you have to admire the engineering of a city surrounded by mountains like Las Vegas.

The Venetian

The latest addition to Las Vegas’ Theme Hotels and considered by many the most elegant. Constructions was still going on for one of the wings but the central hotel area was finished. Here is a sample of its elegant ceiling.

Wax Museum

I haven’t been to one of these in years and boy have they ever gotten better. Photography with your favorite athlete, singer, star or politician is encouraged here.

Huey Movies

Abe Slip

You have to look hard to see him, but he’s there, Abe takes a plunge while ice skating in Bubbles back yard. Also notice that no one is around him at the time.

Brew is Cold

My only attempt at karaoke proved to be less than successful as far as recording contracts go. I do however like the beer can costume.

Bubble Dropped

Bubble gets dropped while skating at a local ice rink. Guess he didn’t have his wheaties that day.

Camp Dearborn

These tents are no longer there, but D row at Camp Dearborn will always have special memories for us. This was our annual Labor Day Extravaganza!

Can’t Touch This

This was during the Pistons back to back championships when their theme song was MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. Only Bubble could get away with doing something this silly.

Happy and the Tree

While cutting down a tree in his backyard, Jons neighbors happened to be taping when this incident happened. After it was over, the Doc took Happy to his office and stiched him up.

The Huey Workout

An oldie but a goodie and also an extremely large file. This is the complete Huey Workout filmed back in 1991.

Joe Jock on Ice

The ever graceful Joe Jock shows us how its done in this little snippet from one of his many hockey highlights.

Living in America

Bubbles attempt at karaoke was supposed to be a 4th of July theme for us. Also, be sure to credit Happy with the release of the balloons, a clutch performance indeed..

Player of Tomorrow

Another classic but again, be warned, this is an extremely large file so you better have something a little faster than a phone line. Also this is rated R for language so please be careful

Christmas with Friends

A short Christmas video featuring the “Little Friends”, most of whom I went to first grade with and still hang around.