VIP Camp – Awesome Park Cleanup Crew

Thank to the awesome helpers who came out to participate in the Park Clean Up Fundraiser. Not only were we able to raise enough money for one field trip with busing next year but Konely and James both walked away with free backpacks supplied by the Lincoln Park Police Department who hosts a Cops Care benefit each year. Once again we had the privileged of participating in their fun event after our clean up! Nothing like free food and backpacks after a little bit of work!

Did you miss out on a chance to help raise funds for VIP? It’s not too late cause next weekend VIP Camp will be hosting a booth at Lincoln Park Days Festival and we would love for some of the families to come help us out at the booth and spread the word about out awesome campers! If you are interested in working our booth for a few hours please contact us for time set up.

Posted: August 19th, 2018 under Michigan, Parks.

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