Halloween Party 2017

This event is so much fun for the entire family as everyone does their part to make this party work. Believe it or not this is the 7th Halloween Party and it really has grown from its humble beginnings. Lots of time spent at garage sales and after Halloween sales throughout the years pays off this time of year. This is also one of the two busiest weeks of the year for Dad (the other is magic week in Colon MI) as he has to take vacation time to get everything done. We actually start working on the party after Labor day but we don’t really push it till the week before.

This year we had bonus surprise – a Magic Mirror Photo Booth which was a lot of fun, it was loaned to us by Dynamike the Magician who came by before the party to set everything up. James was able to assist our guests in getting their picture taken throughout the day, some of these pics are included in the gallery.

Thanks again to all the people who have supported this party both this year and in years past. The party was very well attended and a fun time was had by all.

Posted: October 21st, 2017 under Halloween.

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