Fourth of July 2015

20150704_213713This was simply a perfect day, we spent the morning at a local flea market and although we did not buy much, enjoyed the atmosphere very much. Next a couple inning baseball game along with some swimming made for a fun afternoon. Toss in a barbecue for lunch and a pizza dinner, we finally headed into the evening where the fireworks were non stop for hours, constantly one after another, probably the best fireworks display I ever saw, certainly the longest. James continued his mini tradition of watching some of the fireworks while in his pool, then contributed to the noise with some fire crackers of his own. Sparklers seemed to be the big hit for him, since fireworks have become legal we sort of forgot about sparklers, but James enjoyed them.

The next day we read in the paper that damage had been caused to a home in Dearborn and Lincoln Park by the neighborhood firework display. I guess there is a price for the free show after all.

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