4th of July 2014

20140704_221606James found a new way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, in his pool. James got to witness quite a show as the rockets were red glare most of the night July 4th. The new law makes it legal to shoot off most any type of firework and to be honest it sounded like a war zone in the city. Spectacular displays as close as a few houses away made this a very special Fourth of July.

With the combination of the pool and the fireworks James agreed that this was probably one of his favorite Fourths ever. Later we set off our own fireworks out front (with the pool in the back we did not want to take any chances). Mom joined us as we stayed up till almost midnight fighting the mosquito’s and having a great Fourth of July holiday!

Everyone enjoyed sleeping in the next day as we all “seized the moment” this year!

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