4th of July in Colon

The Fourth of July celebration in Colon is truly a marvel for the year. Our family and I had a wonderful time again. Our day began at 11am watching the parade go down main street from the high school. Our friends Walter and Mary Weaver were gracious host so we had a front row seat for most of the activities. There were many highlights of the parade but most of our group felt the flyover by the jets was the best part.

Once the parade ended and we took a short break, then went down for the festivities which included many games and activities including a couple new ones. Our group then hooked up for a magic show at Abbott’s where we enjoyed a wonderful performance by Gordon Miller.

Special thanks to Walter and Mary Weaver for having us. Thanks to Grandma for joining us as well.

Posted: July 4th, 2010 under 4th of July.


Comment from Grandma
July 8, 2010 at 7:05 am

Chuck, your skills with a digital camera are evident once again entirely! Ohhh, didn’t we have a good time though. Walter and Mary were such gracious hosts, and thanks so much for sharing your holiday with me.


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