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Here is a link to Pegs Memorial Page at Howe Peterson Funeral

Margaret A. (Peg) Turowski age 72 of Melvindale went to be with our Lord on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Margaret was born the daughter of Charles and Loretta Kleiber in Wyandotte, Michigan. Margaret leaves behind her sister Criss (husband Kenny), a brother Charles (wife Mary, son James), her long time companion of 38 years Richard Rice, and many cousins.

Margaret graduated Lowery High School in the “Class of 65” and went on to Henry Ford College to further her education. Margaret was trained as a computer key punch operator and worked with computers long before most of us ever heard of Windows, converting written data into something the computers could process.

Margaret enjoyed traveling especially to tropical climates. Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida, California, etc. were all places she enjoyed. She loved Disneyland and Disney World, her favorite live musical was “Phantom of the Opera”, and probably her favorite place on earth was the Hudson Christmas display in Detroit.

Margaret was very generous and contributed to many charity’s. When a softball team was doing poorly she donated $200 to them to buy new bats. When a gravesite needed a marker Margaret would help finance it. The charities that Margaret donated too is far to many to list here. Margaret was a “do’er” in this world!

Margaret was Catholic and lived by a doctrine of Christ and a love of family. In fact, almost every weekend of her life she was visiting family, whether it was playing cards with her Aunt Louise, touring Michigan shorelines with her Mother Loretta, or playing at the park with her nephew James, she loved her family dearly and would do anything for them.

Peg lived in Oakwood and was James closest relative (distance wise) so she saw alot of the little guy. She was listed with the school as the first contact should an emergency arise with James and we are unable to be reached. We used to get together each weekend if possible and James always looks forward to the visits and hurries to the car, then plays hard to get with her when she asks for a kiss or hug.

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