Our Remodeled McDonalds

For many years when we gave directions to our house we would always say to turn after the 50’s McDonalds, but now we will have to say turn after the European style McDonalds which has been under remodelling all winter and spring long with just the drive thru opened. Today, after coming home from a lunch with Grandma, James and his Dad saw the new design McDonalds is opened and so we stopped in and ordered a couple cokes (we had just ate with Grandma at Red Robins so we were not hungry). Its very neat and clean with the option of ordering from stations as well as waiting in line.

However, I miss the old 50’s McDonald with Superman crashing through the glass.
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James Gold Honor Roll

James did great his second trimester and was rewarded with the gold honor roll

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Visit To Ford Garage Restaurant

What a fun place to eat the Ford Garage was. Its located near Greenfield Village on Michigan Avenue a few blocks from the Oakwood/Michigan Ave intersection. Its only been open about 6 months or so, but it is sure worth a visit. There are two bars and a huge television (along with dozens of other television scattered about) so its a perfect place to watch the big game. There are two bars there, each with an old Ford vehicle above them with the wheels spinning to create a wonderful atmosphere similar to Greenfield Village.
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James Makes Silver Honor Roll

We are very proud of James and his work at Annapolis High School.

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Meteor of 2018

Meteor lights up the neighborhood for a second. We all felt it but only James saw the light it caused.

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Happy New Year 2018

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Christmas 2017

What a fun Christmas we had this year, lots of fun, lots of food, and plenty of presents. The day actually started around midnight when we began putting the gifts out. The new “IT” movie was playing and it was dark and snowy outside which created a kind of aura in the house. Breakfast finally came and Mary made her famous chocolate chip French Toast, then we opened gifts and listened to Christmas music on Jame’s new stereo. After eating a beautiful ham dinner we watched movies including “This Christmas” and “Christmas Vacation” while putting together and playing with our new gifts. Many thanks for all the cards and gifts, James has special thanks to Grandma, Aunt Criss, and Uncle Kenny for their gifts through the mail.
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Santa’s Magic Forest 2017

Hard to believe its been a year since we last visited this wonderful Christmas display at Heritage park in Taylor. The weather was a balmy 18 degrees and their was about 4 inches of snow on the ground, so the stage was set for a very memorable Christmas visit. James got to see his friends from VIP camp (although one was absent who we all missed, Jame’s friend Sammy who he had known since Hoover Elementary, passed away unexpectedly in late November). Read more »

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Plymouth’s Walk of Tree’s Christmas 2017

Plymouth is a fun place to be year round, but it has several reasons for making a winter trek out that way. Not only do they do the ice sculpture in January, but they have the Walk of Trees Festival in December! Tree’s are decorated for the holidays by various persons and company’s and they line the walk way of Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth. James and his family visited there this day (the trees are constantly lit so if you have a dreary cloudy day they will surely brighten up your day) and had a blast visiting the shops and seeing the trees. James got a miniature Eiffel tower for his French class, Mom got chocolate covered potato chips, and Dad got a realistic battery operated candle that works for both Christmas and Halloween.

After leaving Plymouth we stopped off at one of Mom’s favorite shops, the Town Peddler where James had his picture taken in their new photo op area. To top off the day’s activities we stopped in to see how Aunt Peg was doing. All and all a very active and fun day, although it was a little cold outside in the park.
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Christmas Lightfest at Hines Park Wayne County 2017

Its been awhile since we went to the light fest at Hines Park, but on this day the conditions were perfect. 1st you need a while blanket of snow but 2nd, it has to be no more than an inch or two or the drive to becomes difficult. This day was perfect and was confirmed by the thousands of cars we saw going through. James had a blast and really enjoyed the “time tunnel” concept which dropped us off in a prehistoric time of dinosaurs. Mom and Dad enjoyed the Santa training center where reindeers are trained to fly by running up a ramp, jumping, and coming down softly in a parachute. Everyone enjoyed seeing the life size bumble putting the star on the tree. The Hines Park Light fest features more than 47 giant animated displays and more than one million lights; it is the Midwest’s largest and longest light show. The complete Light fest route is over four miles of Hines Drive. Read more »

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