Thanksgiving 2018

What an awesome Thanksgiving we had this year, first watching the parade on TV then chowing down on Turkey and Stuffing.  We then watched the Lions lose to the Bears in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day game, a tradition which goes back to the thirties!  Later we called Uncle Don to wish him happy birthday as his birthday this year happened to fall on Thanksgiving.

The next day we visited Aunt Peg then began decorating for Christmas.

Saturday was the big game with Ohio state and, unfortunately, Ohio state won relatively easily despite the fact that Michigan was favored.

Despite the lousy football, it was a great time for the family.

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Halloween Party 2018

Once again we hosted James Halloween Party and once again everyone enjoyed themselves at the party.  The party started at about 1:30 and ended about 7pm and had a parade a guests coming through during this time.  James had plenty of friends show up, some from Lincoln Park, some from VIP Camp, some from Annapolis, and some of our neighbors which made for a great time.  We had some new props on display trying to keep things looking fresh and keeping the surprises coming.  One of our new items was an animated Michael Myers, something Mom had wanted since she first saw it at Manuels Taco.  Also new this year were some evil toys in a box along with an evil rocking chair.  All in all a great bunch of fun.

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2018 Haunted Garage Sale

Once again we visited the haunted garage sale, this time in a new location – Canton. When we first went it was in Belleville (which is our favorite location because there was plenty of parking) then it moved to an ice rink in Wayne and finally this location. Parking was poor at best but we managed to make it in. James and Mom both found some great deals and the place had a good atmosphere. As usual there were many unusual items and a pretty good selection, however the parking is really starting to be an issue and we hope it improves as we were very lucky to get a spot and were actually about to give up. All in all a fun day as we all had fun! Read more »

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Lowes Car Show Labor Day Weekend

While shopping at the Allen Park plaza (where the old VA used to be) we ran across this unique car show that had a huge big screen TV at the center and many unique vehicles. The big screen tv was showing American Graffiti and was pretty visible despite it being daylight outside. Many official vehicles were there from Allen Park such as the police car which James really liked. Our favorite was a creepy car with a coffin in it which seemed ripe for Halloween. All in all a great start to our Labor Day weekend. Read more »

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Lincoln Park Days Festival

Big festival in Lincoln Park with tons of rides, midways, and even a small petting zoo. James visited to support his VIP camp and bought some lottery tickets at the VIP Camp booth. James participated in the Police frisbee throw and won a frisbee, he also got a free water bottle at one of the booths so he was very happy about that. Later we visited the petting zoo and were totally impressed by two turtles that they had there (there were other animals but the turtles were pretty cool). On the way home we stopped at Sears, then picked up lunch at Wendy’s, all in all a very fun time. Read more »

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VIP Camp – Awesome Park Cleanup Crew

Thank to the awesome helpers who came out to participate in the Park Clean Up Fundraiser. Not only were we able to raise enough money for one field trip with busing next year but Konely and James both walked away with free backpacks supplied by the Lincoln Park Police Department who hosts a Cops Care benefit each year. Once again we had the privileged of participating in their fun event after our clean up! Nothing like free food and backpacks after a little bit of work! Read more »

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First Halloween Store Visit 2018

This year our first Spirit Halloween store that was opened and reasonably stocked was in Canton MI. The fact that its mid August did not deter the family as we made a quick visit and Mom bought a T shirt (she had a 20% off coupon she got in email). James really liked the blue fog (we took several pictures of it) and says he wants that for his Birthday, not sure how practical that is but the important thing was we all had a little Halloween fun at a very early stage of the year. Read more »

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Pocono Speed Way 2018

After Dads class in New York, we all began the long trek home from our weekend excursion but little did we know we were to walk into a big surprise. About 3 miles of I80 is the Pocono Speedway and we thought we would stop in and check out the souvenirs. What a big surprise we got when asked if we wanted a tour of the raceway. When asked how much the tour cost we were told it was free. We went on the tour which took about an hour and boy was it ever great. The tour guide even gave us a ride around the track which we videotaped, and showed us everything about the race track including its self contained power source using a gigantic array of solar cells which powers everything at the race track. The Pocono Speedway is the last privately owned race track in the Nascar circuit which is why the tour was free, the owners want people to be happy and come back…and we will! Read more »

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New York Skyline 2018

No matter if we were at Liberty Park, on the boat, Ellis Island, or Liberty Island, the one constant picture was the fabulous New York Skyline. When last we saw it construction was still being done on One World Trade Center so this is technically the first time we saw it completed (it opened in 2014). The building has 104 Stories and is 1776 feet high (a symbolic height for sure). Also far to the left of the One World Trade Center is the Empire State Building which is actually taller than the One World Trade Center building minus the spiral on top. Regardless of who is taller, its a beautiful skyline and we literally could not get enough pictures of it. Read more »

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Liberty Island 2018

What a thrill it always is to see the Statue of Liberty on a beautiful day in August. While it was a bit hot, it made the cool breeze coming across the Hudson river that much better as we walked around the giant colossus and trying to get the perfect selfie with a structure so big (many of those selfies are in the gallery of this post). After our walk around the statue we took a break in a nice shady area of the park and James bought us all water which made for a perfect family moment. After relaxing in the park drinking our water we made our way to the souvenir stand where James got a hat, Mom got a T shirt, and Dad got a sweatshirt all featuring the statue of liberty! Read more »

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