Congrats on a Great Track Season

Annapolis’s Track Season officially ended today with a pizza party and awards. We were very proud of James who participated throughout the season and finished what he began, improving at the shot put the entire time. James made it to practices and events despite the weather (which seemed more unpredictable this year than most) which says much about his attitude and worth ethic.
James came home with a letter, a certificate, and a plaque with the entire team photo on it, kudos to James and Annapolis for rewarding participants like this. We have uploaded pics of all three here.

James has gotten his own shot put and plans on working out with the shot put ball and his workout bench this summer to become better in his sophomore year and continuing through his high school career at Annapolis. We have the back yard set up for him so he can measure his throws and also have those solar lights so he can throw a little after the sun sets on those exceptionally hot days. Read more »

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Pink Flamingos

Here is something you don’t see every day in our neighborhood, a bunch of pink flamingo’s in one of our neighbors yard. Last weekend we had a garage sale in this area (not the same house but close) and the flamingos were not there at that time, then Dad spotted them on his way to work and snapped the pic on the way home that day. We do not know the story behind this but it should be interesting. One thing for sure, the pink flamingos certainly brighten up the lawn (although cutting the lawn would certainly be hard with all those wire legs).

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Spring 2018

Finally some decent weather and Mom was able to work on the yard a bit. Shown here are some pics from the work done and we think it looks fabulous. Ironically while posting these pics, Mom’s facebook showed what she posted a year ago and it was pictures of the yard from 2017. One of these plants actually grows strawberries and in one of the pics you can see that at least one of the strawberries is getting ready for picking. This should be a great season as we finally begin enjoying the spring weather. With Mothers day just ending we still had flowers inside which made for a great spring setting! Read more »

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Mothers Day 2018

Despite it being a very wet weekend with tons of rain and even some flooding in certain areas, we managed to show Mom a good time on Mothers day as we visited several antique stores, a coin shop (Mom collects half dollars) and had lunch at East Side Mario’s. James got to see Grandma as well as he dropped off a gift he had picked out for her while shopping earlier. A really great day despite the horrible wet weather, hopefully we can get back to sunny skies quickly.

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James On Track Team

We are all proud of James as he performs for Annapolis JV Track Team. He is currently on the JV squad but did throw a little for the Varsity at certain events. James does the shot put and each time he throws the ball he gets a little better and better. He also is working on the Discus throw. James and Dad hope to work on this over the summer months which his coach says means he needs to strengthen his upper body as best as possible. James has gotten several exercises to do from his coach and has been very attentive and diligent in his practices both at Annapolis and the back yard. So far James’s biggest nemesis has been all the rainfall we received this spring.

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Our Remodeled McDonalds

For many years when we gave directions to our house we would always say to turn after the 50’s McDonalds, but now we will have to say turn after the European style McDonalds which has been under remodelling all winter and spring long with just the drive thru opened. Today, after coming home from a lunch with Grandma, James and his Dad saw the new design McDonalds is opened and so we stopped in and ordered a couple cokes (we had just ate with Grandma at Red Robins so we were not hungry). Its very neat and clean with the option of ordering from stations as well as waiting in line.

However, I miss the old 50’s McDonald with Superman crashing through the glass.
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James Gold Honor Roll

James did great his second trimester and was rewarded with the gold honor roll

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Visit To Ford Garage Restaurant

What a fun place to eat the Ford Garage was. Its located near Greenfield Village on Michigan Avenue a few blocks from the Oakwood/Michigan Ave intersection. Its only been open about 6 months or so, but it is sure worth a visit. There are two bars and a huge television (along with dozens of other television scattered about) so its a perfect place to watch the big game. There are two bars there, each with an old Ford vehicle above them with the wheels spinning to create a wonderful atmosphere similar to Greenfield Village.
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James Makes Silver Honor Roll

We are very proud of James and his work at Annapolis High School.

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Meteor of 2018

Meteor lights up the neighborhood for a second. We all felt it but only James saw the light it caused.

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