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With a hit from Cairo Egypt (technically on the African continent), this website has now been viewed on every populated continent in the world. the picture to the left shows ISP in red (these could represent 1 or 1,000 visitors) and search engines in blue. You might have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the points of contact.

We are glad to see that the exploits of James and his family are not limited to Michigan or even the U.S.

Edited: October 3rd, 2011

Niagara Falls Canada 2004

We visited Niagara Falls for a week in late September and got a great room with a super view. As a child we used to go to Niagara Falls all the time, it was about the same distance away as Mackinaw and there were train tours that left from Windsor so we only had to drive across the border. However since 911 the borders have gotten alot stricter which means long lines and waiting periods. Probably will never go back to the way it was but it certainly affects where you want to vacation.

Anyhow highlights of this trip are the falls, we visited both the American side and the Canadian side, although we stayed on the Canadian side. In addition, Mary rode a trolley car over a whirlpool while James and I watched. Had to be a thrill for Mary though.

Edited: September 24th, 2004

Clifton Hills Niagara Ontario 2004

Clifton Hills is an area of Niagara Falls where you can find all sorts of arcades, tourist traps, Ripleys Believe it or not, wax museum, hersheys candy, and many haunted houses. Lots of fun times here for sure.

I remember as a kid visiting the wax museum and being fascinated by it, I tried to find it all these 40 years later but I think it closed up ages ago. It seems all the tourist traps are in Clifton Hills now. Still, what a great place to be, filled with a carnival atmosphere, and plenty of fun and games.

Edited: September 20th, 2004

China Trip 1996

After a 15 year absence from the Orient I found myself back, this time for my work as I flew into Beijing and then went on to Chon Quin. Probably the biggest thing I learned was there was not any Chinese food in China, at least not what they have at the China Buffet in my home town.

This was actually a visit for my work, and I spent about 10 days working but did have the one day for sight seeing and did manage to see the Great Wall of China.

Edited: April 2nd, 1996

James Dad in Hokuto Japan

Right before this trip happened, the Russians shot down a passenger jet killing all on board. This put a little political spin on this exercise at the start, but at the end it ended up being routine and uneventful. We were told our visit was the largest deployment of U.S. troops to Japan since World War 2.

James Dad was deployed as a part of a 900 man brigade controlled Battalion task force from 9th Infantry Division to participate in a bi-lateral exercise with the Japanese ground self defense forces & United States forces from 2-21 October, 1983.

Edited: October 22nd, 1983

Camp Hovey Bowling Center – South Korea

James Dad snapped this picture while he was stationed in Camp Hovey, Korea, about 10-15 miles south of the DMZ. It shows the 6 lane bowling alley built into a Quonset hut. The Quonset huts were actually built by the Japanese when they occupied Korea in World War 2 and when the U.S. took over they decided not to invest too much in a base so near the DMZ, especially with what happened in the 1950’s when the North Koreans invaded.

One other item about the bowling alley, it is not an automatic reset, there is a person who resets the pins by hands after each ball is thrown.

Edited: August 18th, 1981

Bahama Trip

James Aunt Peg and Grandma embarked on a short vacation during the heart of winter to the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. The entire event was set up by St Alberts and a good size group of parishioners took advantage of the group rate. The mother and daughter team had an incredible time and recommended the trip to everyone.

James Dad remembers going to the St Albert meeting room that winter where the parishioners met and were given instructions for the trip such as required documentation and such. (more…)

Edited: February 1st, 1970