Autorama with Tony Stewart

Nascar driver and owner Tony Stewart was on hand at the Autorama in Detroit and James, Mom, and Dad all got to meet him and get an autographed picture.

We first noticed people lining up a couple hours before Tony was scheduled to show so we went and saw the exhibits then got in line around noon. The wait was a little under two hours but it was worth it. Tony was very pleasant and friendly to everyone and James got to shake his hand. Tony was only here in Detroit for a couple hours so we were able to get plenty of pictures of “Smoke” while waiting in line. James was very happy at the end of the day with his autographed 8×10 of Tony.

Tony has been our favorite driver in the family since before James was born and now as an owner we all root for Tony’s team (including Kevin Harvick and Cling Boyler as part of Stewart Haas racing) All in all a fun time for all and plenty of autographs to go around (more…)

Edited: March 2nd, 2019

Lincoln Park Middle School Football

20151014_173855James and his dad went to the last Lincoln Park Middle School home football game which featured Lincoln Park vs Southgate in two football games. The first was the JV game (or 7th graders I believe) and the second was the Varsity game (8th Graders). The event was very well organized and included a half time show by the cheerleaders and even concessions. Each quarter was ten minutes and the clock only seemed to stop when a timeout was called or when there was a possession change. James had a blast rooting his school on and wants to see more football in the future.

Edited: October 14th, 2015

James Ice Skating Lessons

20130119_112508James is currently taking ice skating lessons in Southgate. Several of his friends are there and he is meeting new friends all the time so its a very good social event for him. Skating wise he leaves a little to be desired but he’s only attended three classes at the time of this writing and we are very confident he will become a good skater and that will be something that he can take with him the rest of his life. James enjoys working with his instructors and they are very patient with him so we know he is in good hands.

James has decided to practice on his own with his roller skates in the back yard on sunny winter days so we know he is trying hard.

We will be adding more pictures to this post each week as James progresses through learning how to skate.

Edited: January 21st, 2013

A Drive Through Pennsylvania

About half the drive from Michigan to New York is through Pennsylvania which has the highest elevation on I80 East of the Mississippi. The terrain is nothing but hills and is very beautiful to say the least. We were fortunate enough to see the sun rise in this beautiful country and the next day watch the sun set in the same terrain. Some of the highlights of the trip were a stop in the Pocono’s to visit the Nascar speedway there. Mary has often said the only Nascar track she has ever seen in person was Michigan so now she can no longer say that. Also the Deleware Water Gap, a National recreation area where the Deleware river cuts through the Appalachian mountains on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey was quite spectacular.

Edited: September 15th, 2012

What Happened to the Breakfast of Champions

Mary found this cereal at the store and immediately bought it so we could have fun with it at another one of our sites, Curse of Bobby Layne. We got James to pose with the box of cereal (we didn’t actually give him any to eat, we were afraid he might start losing things the way the Lions lose games) with a curious look on his face and posted it on the website. We thought some of you might be curious what we do as a family on those cold wintry days in Detroit. We also decorated on of our Halloween skeletons as a vendor at Ford field when the Lions blacked out their game right before Christmas because no one was showing up at the stadium.

James is a big football fan and we play almost every Sunday. If we go outside he likes to kick field goals and if we play inside we use the nerf ball. However the Lions have been so bad that he has no idea of what a winning football team is like and its hard to get him interested in the Lions, but he does like the game of football.

Edited: December 20th, 2009

Tony Stewart #20 Car 2008

Tony Stewart had just announced that he would be leaving Home Depot to start his own race team, so Home Depot had sort of a farewell tour for the Tony Stewart #20 car and it came to the Home Depot in Allen Park. Tony Stewart is Mary’s favorite driver so she did not want to miss seeing the car, although she almost did, they were loading it up when we arrived but the crew was nice enough to give her a tour and she got to snap a couple pics off before they drove to their next stop. Tony Stewart was replaced by Joey Logano who is an up and coming driver in his own rights, but Tony is still Mary’s favorite no matter what team he is racing for. He is an exceptional driver.

Edited: July 29th, 2008

Red Wings Stanley Cup Champs 2008

The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup Championship in 2008 and the entire city celebrated. Although we did not make the parade this year, we did spent an afternoon downtown and captured the spirit of the city. I especially enjoyed seeing the big tiger out front of Comerica Park dressed up in a Red Wing outfit. James liked the Tiger too and thats why there are so many pictures of it. Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings who have won more Stanley Cups than any other team in the United States.

Edited: June 12th, 2008

Nascar Race MIS 2007

We had never been to a Nascar race before, so we bought 3 tickets to the Sunday race at MIS. We drove out there but unfortunately it was raining and the race was cancelled, so we drove back home. The next day I took off from work and the 3 of us drove out to MIS and once again the race was cancelled due to rain so we drove back home.

I was slowly becoming an expert at driving to MIS, yet have never seen a race. finally on the third day, after a fog delay, the race was finally ran. Check out the pics of Jeff Gordon spun out in the mud and the crew having to push him out. Those are Mary’s favorites.

Some of the pics may look blurry, but its actually fog. These were 3 really rotten days for a Michigan August. After the race we stopped at a bar in Clinton the people behind us owned. We got a free dinner and brew/pop. Turned out to be a great day. The race was won by Kurt Busch.

Edited: August 20th, 2007

Comerica Park 2007

We got some great seats to a Detroit Tiger game vs Mets from our neighbors and James had a blast there with the merry go round and ferris wheel. The Tigers put on a good show and won the game handily, lots of scoring on both sides. One thing I will never forget about this trip was James eating peanuts, I had assumed that Mary bought them for him, while she assumed that I had bought them for him. As it turned out they were the people sitting behind us, James simply turned around and started eating their peanuts. Both parties laughed and we got them another bag of peanuts. They were from NY and were here to see the new stadium and their beloved Mets.

Edited: June 10th, 2007

Valentines Day with the Pistons 2007

The Pistons do alot of great things to promote their team, one of them is a Valentines day game and Mary is a big Piston fan. I surprised her this Valentine day with tickets to her beloved Pistons who were playing the dreaded San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons lost their bid for back to back championships when the Spurs beat them in a 7 game series. Unfortunately for us, the Pistons did not show up this night and lost to the Spurs by double digits.

Edited: February 14th, 2007