Colon Car Show 2018

Colon Car Show was going on during the Get Together and featured many different classic cars and vehicles. What was really nice was the Police and Fire Dept were there displaying their vehicles as well which was cool. James used his allowance to buy a Fire Dept T shirt which as nice as he thanked them for their service. Mom is the big car fan and she simply loved this, especially since we didn’t even know it was going on. Hopefully it will be on the schedule for next year for sure. (more…)

Edited: August 4th, 2018

81st Magic Get Together 2018

Wow, did we have a good time at the Abbotts Get Together. Unlike last year, the fireworks were not rained out on Friday and looked awesome. The weather was perfect, perhaps a little on the hot side as it hit 91 degrees on Saturday, but it wasn’t that unbearable heat that sometimes happens in August. We saw several magic shows, the Friday night firework show, street performers, magic dealers, and some of the best magicians in the world. If you have not had a chance to see a Get Together show you should make sure to plan for one next year, as the shows are really incredible but the atmosphere is where the real magic is, just a wonderful bunch of people having fun doing magic. (more…)

Edited: August 4th, 2018

Plymouth’s Walk of Tree’s Christmas 2017

Plymouth is a fun place to be year round, but it has several reasons for making a winter trek out that way. Not only do they do the ice sculpture in January, but they have the Walk of Trees Festival in December! Tree’s are decorated for the holidays by various persons and company’s and they line the walk way of Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth. James and his family visited there this day (the trees are constantly lit so if you have a dreary cloudy day they will surely brighten up your day) and had a blast visiting the shops and seeing the trees. James got a miniature Eiffel tower for his French class, Mom got chocolate covered potato chips, and Dad got a realistic battery operated candle that works for both Christmas and Halloween.

After leaving Plymouth we stopped off at one of Mom’s favorite shops, the Town Peddler where James had his picture taken in their new photo op area. To top off the day’s activities we stopped in to see how Aunt Peg was doing. All and all a very active and fun day, although it was a little cold outside in the park.

Edited: December 10th, 2017

Abbott’s 80th Magic Get Together Colon MI

We have two weeks each year that are just exhausting due to having so much fun. The week of James’ Halloween Party is one of those weeks and the other is Magic Week in Colon Michigan which features the Abbott Magic Get Together (also James has his VIP camp finale this week so it is truly a busy week for us). Magicians everywhere performing on the streets, performing in tents, performing on stage, and performing in shops. We have been coming to these since James was 2 so he loves it and in that time has been called up on stage twice by magicians to help. (more…)

Edited: August 5th, 2017

Woodhaven Festival & Side Show

Woodhaven is right next to Trenton just off I75 and each year they have an awesome summer festival that has to be seen to believed. This year was special for James as he got to see the Side Show folks he had met earlier in the summer performing for real (they will also be performing at the Magic Get Together a month from now). The banner line for the side show is literally gigantic as you can see from some of these pics. The carnival is free to attend, parking is reasonable and close, and a great time was had by all. (more…)

Edited: July 6th, 2017

Bel Air Carnival

James and family went out to the Bel Air Carnival on the Detroit side of 8 mile across from Warren around Van Dyke road. We all went and enjoyed seeing the “Girl to Gorilla” sideshow that they had there, and James got to go on a few of the rides. The day was wet and cold so the attendance was down, but we had a great time anyway.

James enjoyed the house of mirrors but probably not as much as his dad, seeing 10 or more James reflected back from the mirrors was kind of fun. The mirror room looked crowded yet he was the only one in there.

Edited: April 29th, 2017

Northville Halloween

20161029_102225Michigan has many small treasure throughout the state, the magic capital in Colon Michigan, the Antique Capital near Allen MI, Frankenmuth, Mackinac, etc. But just when you thing you have seen it all we found a city in Michigan where for one month the entire town is filled with skeletons. It seems the whole town (businesses, houses, apartments) gets involved in the Halloween spirit by placing skeletons somewhat related to their businesses on the streets of Northville. Our favorite was the election platform in the town square where Hillary and Donald were squaring off in a debate. Lots of fun and a great big thank you to the city and citizens of Northville who put this event on. (more…)

Edited: October 29th, 2016

James Gets Wet At Cedar Point

Edited: August 18th, 2016

79th Abbott Get Together

20160806_133039This year Mom and Dad actually did some work at the Get Together, manning the discount book table and also doing a charity thingy for VIP camp. James was at Howell Nature Center so Mom and Dad had to hold down the fort. But fear not, James came out Saturday to the last day of the Get Together which keeps his streak going at ten (not bad considering he is only 12). We did manage to raise $30 on Wednesday and another $24 on Saturday for VIP camp so I guess we did some good. The annual Magic Get Together is always fun and we always come away from it with a great feeling as we see friends who we only see maybe once or twice a year at the event.

James made the trip up and back interesting as he found a 32,000 piece puzzle (its $300 and its not happening) on the way up, and on the way back enjoyed eating hot wings at his favorite Mexican restaurant.

Edited: August 6th, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Movie

20160804_112906James being away at VIP gave us the opportunity to see a movie that didn’t have a talking fish, Star Trek Beyond. The movie has been getting very good reviews as it appeals to the older Trek fans and also the younger Trek fans who jumped on board during the reboot several years past. While we were waiting for the movie to begin (it was a matinee and we both got in for about $10, however I think we were the only ones there) Mom found some photo ops for the movies that were playing there now and in the future so we shot a couple pics.

The Star Trek Beyond movie was very good and did pay homage to the old television series, however it did seem a little bit long especially with all the action scenes. Lots of humor in this movie and it takes place in the middle of the historic 5 year mission.

After the movie we stopped at VIP camp to turn in some of the money we raised at the Get Together and to say goodbye to the counselors. Its too bad so much is going on this week (the Get Together, Howell Camp, Vip Camp) but we did manage to take in a movie for the first time in years.


Edited: August 4th, 2016