Autorama with Tony Stewart

Nascar driver and owner Tony Stewart was on hand at the Autorama in Detroit and James, Mom, and Dad all got to meet him and get an autographed picture.

We first noticed people lining up a couple hours before Tony was scheduled to show so we went and saw the exhibits then got in line around noon. The wait was a little under two hours but it was worth it. Tony was very pleasant and friendly to everyone and James got to shake his hand. Tony was only here in Detroit for a couple hours so we were able to get plenty of pictures of “Smoke” while waiting in line. James was very happy at the end of the day with his autographed 8×10 of Tony.

Tony has been our favorite driver in the family since before James was born and now as an owner we all root for Tony’s team (including Kevin Harvick and Cling Boyler as part of Stewart Haas racing) All in all a fun time for all and plenty of autographs to go around (more…)

Edited: March 2nd, 2019

Autorama 2019

Autorama,also known as “World of Wheels”, made its way to Detroit’s Cobo Hall this weekend and James and his family made the most of their visit to the “D”. However, todays visit was a complete surprise to the family as Dad surprised them with tickets to the event (AKA America’s Premier Custom Show Car Series). James and his mother did not even know where they were going till we were in the car on 94 and well on our way to Detroit. While they had plenty of hot rods there as advertised, we were very happy to find lots more including plenty of toys and hard to find collectible. Mom picked up a t shirt and James picked up a metal Ford plaque while we were looking the cars (including the ultimate car, the Bat Mobile), Its been a while since we have been to Cobo Hall in Detroit, and we were surprised to find out that the Hall of Fame plaques had been moved since our last visit. (more…)

Edited: March 2nd, 2019

Canterbury Village 2019

On a cold February day we took a little jaunt to Canterbury Village to check out the shops. In a week they will be hosting a home garden show so we felt this would be a good time to visit. Everyone found something unique at these stores to bring home. Olde World Canterbury Village and Aldridge’s Always Christmas celebrated it’s grand opening October 1, 1993. The original Wildwood Farm buildings used by the Hadrills, Scripps and Keating have all been carefully restored and continue to be productive while preserving an important chapter in Michigan’s history. (more…)

Edited: February 23rd, 2019

Great Lakes Crossing 2019

Presidents Day is a day off for both James and his Dad so the whole family took advantage of this and headed out to Pontiac for Great Lakes Crossing. We thought about going to Frankenmuth or Canterbury Village but both had malls that were primarily outside and it was 27 degrees outside so we decided on Great Lakes Crossing which is the largest mall in Michigan. It is truly gigantic and you could really spend a whole day seeing everything. Mom picked up some items at TJ Maxx and James found a controller for his Nintendo game that he got. No big purchases but alot of fun for a mid winters day. (more…)

Edited: February 18th, 2019

Flight of the Butterfly Hovercraft

Edited: December 26th, 2018

Santas Magic Forest 2018

Every year we go to this event in Taylor and see all the beautiful Christmas decorations.  Mom and Dad surprised James by telling him that we were going to the post office to mail letters and James bought it.  We noticed many more items added to the display this year so its great to see it evolve through these pictures as we make a sort of historical record of the Christmas display.  Lots of fun and great to see all our friends as well on a beautifully lit December evening.

VIP Camp once again hosted a wonderful event and James got to meet his friends from summer camp before Christmas. (more…)

Edited: December 18th, 2018

Countdown to Christmas Vacation

James simply cannot wait till Christmas vacation and is counting down the days till it arrive. As each day passes, Christmas gets closer and closer so James changes the countdown each day to make sure its accurate.

We do not know if this is an official course or if you get any extra credit for counting down the days till Christmas accurately, but at least we are sure that James is having a good time doing it.

Edited: December 17th, 2018

Dads Birthday 2018

A sure sign that it is getting closer to Christmas is Dad’s birthday. Dad has always complained that he gets short changed on his birthday because it is so close to Christmas that most people just got him one gift for both, but for the past few years we have moved his birthday (at least the gift part of it) to November 1st where we take him out to the Halloween shops to buy decorations at 50 – 90 percent off.

However we still celebrate his birthday in December so now (in a way) he sort of gets two birthdays each year on his two favorite holidays each year, Christmas and Halloween.

Edited: December 17th, 2018

2018 Haunted Garage Sale

Once again we visited the haunted garage sale, this time in a new location – Canton. When we first went it was in Belleville (which is our favorite location because there was plenty of parking) then it moved to an ice rink in Wayne and finally this location. Parking was poor at best but we managed to make it in. James and Mom both found some great deals and the place had a good atmosphere. As usual there were many unusual items and a pretty good selection, however the parking is really starting to be an issue and we hope it improves as we were very lucky to get a spot and were actually about to give up. All in all a fun day as we all had fun! (more…)

Edited: September 8th, 2018

Lowes Car Show Labor Day Weekend

While shopping at the Allen Park plaza (where the old VA used to be) we ran across this unique car show that had a huge big screen TV at the center and many unique vehicles. The big screen tv was showing American Graffiti and was pretty visible despite it being daylight outside. Many official vehicles were there from Allen Park such as the police car which James really liked. Our favorite was a creepy car with a coffin in it which seemed ripe for Halloween. All in all a great start to our Labor Day weekend. (more…)

Edited: September 1st, 2018