Lowes Car Show Labor Day Weekend

While shopping at the Allen Park plaza (where the old VA used to be) we ran across this unique car show that had a huge big screen TV at the center and many unique vehicles. The big screen tv was showing American Graffiti and was pretty visible despite it being daylight outside. Many official vehicles were there from Allen Park such as the police car which James really liked. Our favorite was a creepy car with a coffin in it which seemed ripe for Halloween. All in all a great start to our Labor Day weekend. (more…)

Edited: September 1st, 2018

Memorial Day 2017 – Spring Rainbow

We believe this is our first rainbow of 2017 and it was a pretty little guy. James ran out and took pics as soon as it stopped raining and sure enough there it was.

It was certainly an eventful day that included planting tomatoes and strawberries in James’ garden, having a cook out, watching a movie, and James got to meet some of Dbn Hgts finest as well. With all that we still made sure to remember our finest citizens (soldiers) who did not make it back to enjoy these times with us and we thank them for the freedom we have now. Rest in peace Uncle Raymond.

Edited: May 29th, 2017

Great Lakes Crossing Memorial Day Weekend 2016

20160528_122318Our next stop was three miles down the road to Michigan’s larges outlet shop, Great Lakes Crossing. Great Lakes Crossing Outlets is the market’s dominant retail outlet and entertainment destination, attracting customers throughout the Midwest and Canada. With 185 manufacturer’s outlets and traditional retail stores, Great Lakes Crossing Outlets is Michigan’s only enclosed value-regional mall. With all that going for it I don’t think I have ever bought anything here, however James bought a hat and Mom bought some things at Victoria Secrets so it was a worthwhile trip.

The place is truly gigantic (we walked from the aquarium entrance to the Saks fifth avenue entrance and back again) and despite it’s huge size, it was still packed with people.

The new thing this year is the Aquarium which we will have to visit soon. The picture out front with the giraffe (James is beneath the giraffe to give you a perspective of the size) is actually made completely of Lego’s.

Edited: May 28th, 2016

Canterbury Village Memorial Day Weekend 2016

20160528_115451This week the roads were kind to us. After last weeks construction everywhere we hit very little traffic all day this beautiful Memorial day Saturday. Our first stop was Canterbury Village in Orion Michigan, just a stones throw (about 3 miles) from the Palace. We stopped in at the cider mill, the gift shops, the Christmas shops, and the Department 56 store (which had some pretty good sales going on). The Merry go round store was open as well and its always interesting visiting a store with a huge merry go round in the center of it. We did make a few purchases at the Dept 56 store as they had two bins of items half off. A great start for the Memorial Day weekend.

Edited: May 28th, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

20150523_122814What has slowly become a tradition for us on Memorial Day is the visit to the cemetery. On the surface that might not sound that exciting but on Pennsylvania and Middlebelt there is a big Flea Market that we stop off at that is right on the way. After the Flea Market we go to the cemetery and if we were unable to put flowers up on Mothers day we do it on Memorial Day. However since we did get flowers on the graves for Mothers day we just made sure the flags were present. Last year they missed Uncle Raymond who died in WW2 and we called and this year he got a big flag (James brought a little flag just in case). Uncle Raymonds grave has not yet been raised and we had to clean it off again, hopefully they will take care of it sinking soon. James’ Grandfather Kleiber did not have a flag on his grave because he does not have his rank on the grave, in hindsight we probably should have put the flag brought for Raymond on his site, we’ll make a note of that next year to bring more flags, they are inexpensive.

The Flea Market had something for everyone, James found a 1924 National Geographic that he did not have (He keeps an inventory at http://www.thekleibers.com/inventory.html so he can check what he has when away from home), Mom found several paintings that she liked, and Dad found a “monster” made out of metal that holds Halloween candy.

The rest of the weekend was spent barbecuing and swimming. Lots of fun.

Edited: May 24th, 2015

Memorial Day 2014

20140525_104403For once we had a three day weekend where the weather lived up to the billing. Beautiful all three days and James took advantage of it. The weekend began with a visit to Colon’s “Magic Park” where James got to play at the playground, then it was on to the magic shop to watch some magic. We then ate lunch at Curly’s which had only opened about 2 months earlier (the entire building was ravaged by a fire about two years ago and was completely rebuilt.

James then went to Michigan Memorial cemetery where we showed him the Veteran’s Memorials and 911 Memorials. We also visited our family plots to see if Aunt Louise had gotten her temporary marker yet (she did, its in the pics). On the way back we hit the many Flea Markets and Garden sales around town, Mom got some flowers, Jame’s got some toys, and Dad got a rubber skull.

Later we grilled out and had a wonderful (and traditional) Memorial Day Barbecue.

Edited: May 26th, 2014