Bronners and Frankenmuth 2017

Mom had a coupon for Bavarian Inn so on the trip back from Mackinac we ate a late lunch in Frankenmuth and then proceeded to Bronners to round out the day. Mom also had a coupon for 15% off anything we buy at Bronners so we checked everything out and saved a little money along the way. James saw a $4,500 Christmas tree he liked that he liked in the Christmas tree forest, the tree was taller than our home. On the way out we saw the Bronners parade float and snapped a couple pics there as well. It was a really great finale to a wonderful time up North. (more…)

Edited: June 26th, 2017

Mackinaw Island 2017

It was a wee bit chilly on the boat ride to and from Mackinaw city, but we survived and then bought Mackinaw sweaters on the island. James and Dad went through the Mirror Maze and completed it, then followed up with a visit to the haunted house where James survived terrifying creatures of the night. Mom loved the shopping and we all met up to go down to the rock beach and attempt to skip stones. Like the city, new stores replace old every year and this year was no different, with the Magic shop next to the haunted house gone. One thing that was really different was seeing a cruise ship docked at Mackinaw City, seems an 11 day cruise of the Great Lakes was taking place which started in Chicago, how fun would that be! (more…)

Edited: June 25th, 2017

Mackinaw City 2017

It seems that every year we go to Mackinaw there is something new to see. This year we noticed a couple magic shops were missing but a new haunt had appeared. Unfortunately by the time we got to Mackinaw Crossing the haunts were closed, at least we got to go through the one on the island. After checking out all the souvenir stores at the crossing, James found a laser game he liked and did it a couple times till he made the top ten and got a little cert from the store that he had accomplished this feat. Meanwhile Mom was thrilled that the lilac bushes in the city were blooming and took several pics of them. Toward the evening we went to the park where James jumped back and forth under the bridge between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. (more…)

Edited: June 25th, 2017

Daves Barbecue Restaurant

Mom has been trying to get to Dave’s Barbecue for the past year, yet something always comes up and we don’t seem to make it. Finally all the moons and stars and planets aligned and we were able to take her to Dave’s for a barbecue feast. James loved the food as well and said to put it on his list of good restaurants (which is a very small list to be sure). We now have two favorite rib places, Boneyard which is North of us a few miles, and Daves, which is South of us a few miles.

Edited: June 24th, 2017

Wind Storm of 2017/Daylight Saving Time

We were never so glad to have taken down all our old tree as we were in early March as a wind storm that lasted all day knocked power out all over Michigan along with trees and anything else standing up vertically. We were lucky that we only lost power for less than an hour, but we lost cable and internet for 4 or 5 days. When it finally came back on it was at 3am Sunday morning, the same day we set the clocks ahead. Comcast did credit us for the down time, but all in all we were very lucky as many people did not have power for several weeks. We did use our phones during this time, including using them as wi fi hot spots to at least check email. (more…)

Edited: March 8th, 2017

Joes Crab Shack

20160709_125837[1] Its been a while (over 5 years) since we last enjoyed a visit to Joe’s Crab Shack but that changed today as we were in Warren shopping and decided to visit the famous restaurant. James has developed a bit of a taste for crab legs so we thought we would treat him to a place that specializes in crab legs. We all bought our own crab leg tool to take home as a kind of souvenir and also in case we ever decide to try to make these at home.

Of course Dad enjoys this place because of the big shark hanging from the ceiling but admitted the crab legs were good.

Edited: July 9th, 2016

Historical Dearborn Garage Sale

20160604_104629Each year on the first Saturday in June Dearborn has its historical district garage sale. The main area is Edison street and surrounding blocks. These blocks are located between Beech, Nowlin, Military, and Monroe so for those familiar with our area drive down Monroe past Outer Drive toward Michigan Ave and turn left on Gregory or Edison which are a few blocks past Outer Drive (although you probably won’t be able to park on either street).

James and I went last year as well, Mom was working our own garage sale that weekend so this year was the first year we went together as a family and while we did not buy much, we saw some interesting sights and had a great time. Plus all the walking had to be good for us.

Edited: June 4th, 2016

Visit To Michigan Memorial Cemetery

graveldOn Saturdays we enjoy going Garage Sale shopping since its relatively inexpensive and teaches James alot about the value of money. This day, however, we decided to do our “saling” near Michigan Memorial Cemetery so we could check on the status of Aunt Louise’s marker.

It was in and in place, the temp was gone, and they also had repaired Grandpa Graf’s marker, which had began crumbling after the harsh winter (it was made in the 50’s after all).

We let Aunt Peg know and she was very happy. This all began a few months earlier when cousin Sandy visited us and put down some money for a marker for Aunt Louise. Aunt Peg then paid off the balance and six weeks later Aunt Louise has her marker. The next project for Michigan Memorial will be raising Uncle Raymonds marker. Uncle Raymond died in WW2 and his marker has sunk down about an inch, making it difficult to see in the grass. (more…)

Edited: August 16th, 2014

The Blimp Chase of 2014

blimp While watching a Tiger game on TV, James and Dad noticed the blimp floating around Comerica park and James decided he wanted to go “Down Town” and see it in person.

Hopping in a car, we headed down to Comerica Park and navigated so that the car was almost directly under the blimp. It was actually a Direct TV blimp, not Good Year, but regardless we followed the blimp till it made its way down 94 and across the river into international waters.

Edited: August 3rd, 2014

Summer Pool Fun

20140718_173944With summer finally here we had a couple weeks before James VIP camp started and James took advantage of the situation by swimming in his new pool several times a day. Once VIP camp started, James continued to use the pool on a pretty much daily basis.

However in August James rarely used the pool, perhaps because there was so much going on, or perhaps because it was no longer a novelty. Regardless, the first two months of summer and the pool were a wonderful time for everyone, even though it was hard to maintain and keep clean (IE we could no longer mulch the back yard when mowing or the clippings would end up in the pool).

Quite an experience for the entire family (more…)

Edited: July 18th, 2014