Great Aunt Mary Helen Passes

We regret to write that James’ great Aunt Helen passed away today. She was the sister of James’ Grandma and will be missed very much by Grandma. Mary was a stewardess on an airline and flew all over the U.S. so you could say she was the Jet Setter of the family during that time.

Edited: August 9th, 2018

Tribute to Aunt Mary Ann

auntmaryann We lost Aunt Mary Ann to cancer this year. Aunt Mary Ann is Uncle Don’s wife, Mike, Bruce, and Sandy’s Mother, and James Great Aunt. Aunt Mary Ann was born June 30 1934 and passed away March 26, 2015. Unfortunately James nor his mother could not attend due to a previous scheduled dentist appointment, but Dad made it and it was a beautiful ceremony at Saint Tims church and another nice job by the good people at Martenson funeral home. I should also mention it was by far the best day of Spring, warm sun, cool breeze, just a gorgeous day and really all that was missing was my Aunt.

Most of my memories of Aunt Mary Ann were as a child, she and Uncle Don were my God parents and really about the nicest people you would ever meet. I also remember going over to their house for dinner with Aunt Ginny one time and the great meal she cooked for us, and several trips with James’ Grandfather (who just loved their Schnauzer, it would growl at him the whole visit and he loved the dogs loyalty). Fortunately James and his Mom got to meet Aunt Mary Ann, we stopped in and visited one Sunday several years back and talked for a couple hours with Uncle Don and Aunt Mary Ann.

It was great seeing Uncle Don and cousins Bruce and Sandy again, just wish it was under better circumstances. All our best wishes goes out to them and their families.

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Tribute to Howard Landis

Howard Landis is the father to Bill and Mary, Husband to Judith, and Grandfather to James.

Howard spent several years in the military (Navy) during the Korean War and was an honorably discharged Veteran. Howard was very good mechanically and used to repair televisions for a living. He was a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and worked for RCA Victor in sales for over 25 years.

He also enjoyed working with cars and likes the Detroit auto industry, unlike certain politicians. Mom said he was thrilled to hear she had married someone from Detroit (even though the person she married knew nothing about cars).

He loved the Three Stooges and Felix the Cat was his favorite cartoon. He loved seafood and his favorite vacation spot was Sarasota Florida. He exercised his choice to vote every election, even while living at West Meade.

Howard past away peacefully at West Meade (which is a nursing home in Tennessee).

Edited: January 11th, 2014

Landis Graves

Pictures of Landis graves which are in College Grove Tennessee, we visited this site twice, both times with Jame’s grandfather in the car with us. Mary’s Grandparents, Aunt , and brother are buried there and it has been the family plot for decades. The town is about 40 minutes outside of Nashville and has a small mainstreet with a flower shop that was closed when we came in. The family used to live out this way which is why they have the plots.

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Tribute to Mike Kleiber

We lost Mike Kleiber this year, Uncle Don’s oldest son. Mike was born April 16, 1954 and most of my recollection of him was Christmas Eve and Grandma and Grandpa Kleibers. I remember my sister always teasing him about the length of his hair during those days. Mike was a longtime employee of Detroit Edison. I had a chance to meet Mikes kids (Jason & Scott) at the funeral and they are great and fun to be around, just like Mike was. Mike was buried at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery.

The flash presentation below is courtesy of Martenson Funeral Home, who also buried Aunt Louise, Cousin Mark, and my father, Charles T. I guess if our family had an official family funeral home, they would be it. They come highly recommended to all who view this page.

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Kleiber Graves

Photos of the Kleiber Graves at Memorial cemetery in Michigan. Kleibers, Grafs, and Dunbergers are buried here in various parts of the cemetery. James enjoys handling the water detail and as we put flowers in all the vases, James comes by and fills then up with water. We usually visit the cemetery on Memorial Day and Mothers Day (depending on weather). In fact, our Mothers day tradition is going to a Chinese restaurant not far the cemetery, good weather or bad.

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Tribute to Virginia

Aunt Ginny as most of the family knew her, was the daughter of Ben and Millie, sister of Charles, Raymond, Dorothy, and Donald. Some of my fondest memories of Aunt Ginny was her taking to Tiger stadium for my first night game as a boy and every Christmas eve she would have pizza for us at Grandma and Grampa Kleibers.

When I went into the military, Aunt Ginny came and lived with my Mom and Dad for a few years, then with my sister Criss before getting her own place in Taylor. Her final days were in the same nursing home as Aunt Louise and she passed away while we were up north at Mackinaw.

We do not have many pictures of Virginia so if you can contribute something that would be great.

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Tribute to Louise Dunberger (Color)

These are color pictures of Louise Dunberger. Louise was married to Harry and spent most of her adult life living in Trenton. Each Saturday my mom would go out to Trenton, eat dinner, do some event, and play cards. Louise was very active and loved to travel with Loretta to all sorts of interesting places. There was never a dull moment in the Trenton house with Aunt Louise there.

I think what I remember most about Aunt Louise and Trenton was how she used her back yard, there was an apricot tree in the center of it that I loved to climb and you could eat the apricots right off of it, the gazebo for card playing on summer evenings, picking berries in the back, all great memories.

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Tribute to Louise Dunberger (BW)

These are black and white photos of Louise so most of these would be her early life. Louise Dunberger was a daughter to Joe and Rose Graf, she was Mother to Mark, Grandmother to Ron, Renee, and Natalie, and sister to Loretta and Joe. She was James Grand Aunt. Loretta always described Louise as a bit of a tomboy as they were growing up. Louise would always participate in the athletic things that Loretta had no interest in.

We were very happy that Louise had a chance to meet James before she passed away. She was in a nursing home but she was very active and aware. She got to hold James and feed him his bottle and she wished that her sister (James Grandma) had gotten to meet James. She outlived both her husband and son but was always optimistic about what the future would hold. I think every family member had at least one birthday celebratiion at her home in Trenton and Criss and Kenny had their wedding reception at her home as well. A very outgoing person.

Edited: August 25th, 2005

Tribute to Loretta Kleiber (color)

These are colored pictures of Loretta so they are later on in life than the black and white ones. Loretta is James Grandmother and enjoyed traveling alot. Every Saturday there would be at least a trip to Trenton where some project or event was taken place. The evenings all ended the same way with a family game of Pinocle. They played for keeps during these games and my family was not always gracious losers when the game did not go their way.

My mother enjoyed travel outside of Michigan as well, trips to Florida, Pennsylvania, Seattle, Bahama’s, Toronto, and West Virgina were just a few of the many destinations she vacationed at. She passed away while on vacation in Traverse city.

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