Visit To Ford Garage Restaurant

What a fun place to eat the Ford Garage was. Its located near Greenfield Village on Michigan Avenue a few blocks from the Oakwood/Michigan Ave intersection. Its only been open about 6 months or so, but it is sure worth a visit. There are two bars and a huge television (along with dozens of other television scattered about) so its a perfect place to watch the big game. There are two bars there, each with an old Ford vehicle above them with the wheels spinning to create a wonderful atmosphere similar to Greenfield Village.

Edited: March 24th, 2018

Meteor of 2018

Meteor lights up the neighborhood for a second. We all felt it but only James saw the light it caused.

Edited: January 16th, 2018

Frankenmuth & Bronners Over Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the last day (Sunday) of the Thanksgiving holiday up in Frankenmuth MI. Bronners was so crowded we actually could not find a parking place so we skipped ahead to the Mall – where carolers were performing Christmas songs – and had lunch at the Bavarian Inn. We sat in the Snow White room (which is unusual, we usually sit in the little red riding hood room) and were entertained with live music and a visit from Santa. We then went back to Bronners which was a little less crowded and enjoyed the sites and sounds of Christmas. (more…)

Edited: November 30th, 2017

Bronners and Frankenmuth 2017

Mom had a coupon for Bavarian Inn so on the trip back from Mackinac we ate a late lunch in Frankenmuth and then proceeded to Bronners to round out the day. Mom also had a coupon for 15% off anything we buy at Bronners so we checked everything out and saved a little money along the way. James saw a $4,500 Christmas tree he liked that he liked in the Christmas tree forest, the tree was taller than our home. On the way out we saw the Bronners parade float and snapped a couple pics there as well. It was a really great finale to a wonderful time up North. (more…)

Edited: June 26th, 2017

Mackinaw Island 2017

It was a wee bit chilly on the boat ride to and from Mackinaw city, but we survived and then bought Mackinaw sweaters on the island. James and Dad went through the Mirror Maze and completed it, then followed up with a visit to the haunted house where James survived terrifying creatures of the night. Mom loved the shopping and we all met up to go down to the rock beach and attempt to skip stones. Like the city, new stores replace old every year and this year was no different, with the Magic shop next to the haunted house gone. One thing that was really different was seeing a cruise ship docked at Mackinaw City, seems an 11 day cruise of the Great Lakes was taking place which started in Chicago, how fun would that be! (more…)

Edited: June 25th, 2017

Mackinaw City 2017

It seems that every year we go to Mackinaw there is something new to see. This year we noticed a couple magic shops were missing but a new haunt had appeared. Unfortunately by the time we got to Mackinaw Crossing the haunts were closed, at least we got to go through the one on the island. After checking out all the souvenir stores at the crossing, James found a laser game he liked and did it a couple times till he made the top ten and got a little cert from the store that he had accomplished this feat. Meanwhile Mom was thrilled that the lilac bushes in the city were blooming and took several pics of them. Toward the evening we went to the park where James jumped back and forth under the bridge between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. (more…)

Edited: June 25th, 2017

Canterbury Village 2017

Our first visit to Canterbury Village was fun but again we were hurrying to beat the rain. We dropped Mom off at Great Lakes Crossing outlet mall and then James and his Dad head straight to the Halloween stores at Canterbury Village (about ten minutes away from the Outlet mall on Joslyn street). We found plenty of Halloween stuff and more importantly discounted Halloween stuff. This is the time to buy Halloween, not October.

James found a weather center that he liked and also a large alarm clock, Dad told me if he graduates OW Best we will come back in June and get him one or the other as a graduation gift. James did end up buying a batter tester so he knows when his batteries are low in his games.

Edited: May 20th, 2017

Wind Storm of 2017/Daylight Saving Time

We were never so glad to have taken down all our old tree as we were in early March as a wind storm that lasted all day knocked power out all over Michigan along with trees and anything else standing up vertically. We were lucky that we only lost power for less than an hour, but we lost cable and internet for 4 or 5 days. When it finally came back on it was at 3am Sunday morning, the same day we set the clocks ahead. Comcast did credit us for the down time, but all in all we were very lucky as many people did not have power for several weeks. We did use our phones during this time, including using them as wi fi hot spots to at least check email. (more…)

Edited: March 8th, 2017

VIP Bowling

James got a chance to go bowling with some of his friends from VIP camp and had an awesome day. These types of meetings are lots of fun for James and his family since most of his friends from this camp he only gets to see in summer, so its a real treat seeing them in January. James bowled a couple games, got some pizza and a soda, and had a great day.

We also took advantage of this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in a short little video!

Edited: January 5th, 2017

Grandma and Red Robins

20160821_125928We had lunch with Grandma at Red Robins and James ordered his usual “hot wings”. We made it to the restaurant before noon and had no problem getting seated, in fact Grandma asked for our usual seat (which is the first one). After the meal we went to Spirit Halloween (which was on the way home) and looked at all the new decorations for 2016. Grandma enjoyed the haunted dolls while James enjoyed trying on hats including a sailors cap that made him look a little like Gilligan.

After Spirit Halloween we took a quick drive through Hines park where lots of activities were taking place. It was a beautiful August day, not too hot and not too humid and a drive through the park just seemed right.

Earlier in the day we stopped at Aunt Pegs and James did his usual vacuuming for Aunt Peg, then went across the street to return bottles to get himself a little spending cash. Aunt Peg hopes to see Richard down in September for her birthday and certainly hopes he makes it as well.

Edited: August 21st, 2016