Valentines Day 2017

I think everyone will remember the election of 2016 as it was something I don’t think anyone expected. Unfortunately there were some sore losers after the election and when one of the major department stores decided no longer to carry Ivanka Trump clothing line, Mom and Dad just had to do something to protest in our own little way so our Valentines day consisted of going to Lord and Taylor and buying some Ivanka Trump clothing (for Mom). Afterwards we found out the clothing line had its best month in sales ever so we obviously weren’t the only ones who did not think what that other department store did was right.

Later when James got out of school we all went out for a nice dinner. Mom and Dad commented how this had been probably the most “different” Valentines day since we went to see the Pistons about ten years ago at the Palace on Valentines day. That day it snowed so I guess we were lucky this year.


Edited: February 14th, 2017

Valentines Day 2013

Valentines2013Despite being a little bit under the weather, James had a wonderful Valentines day. All week long he was bringing home art work that he put together in school. Then on Valentines day they had a party at school (James contributed Valentine cards and Reeses Pieces Valentines candy) and the picture shows some of the goodies that James came home with that day. James gave as well as he received, giving Mom two heart shaped boxes of candy, Reeses and Kit Kat style.

James was fine after Valentines day, just a little cough that went away after 24 hours.

Later we found out that James had made the honor roll at school so we should have a certificate later to commemorate that event.

Edited: February 16th, 2013

Valentines Day with the Pistons 2007

The Pistons do alot of great things to promote their team, one of them is a Valentines day game and Mary is a big Piston fan. I surprised her this Valentine day with tickets to her beloved Pistons who were playing the dreaded San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons lost their bid for back to back championships when the Spurs beat them in a 7 game series. Unfortunately for us, the Pistons did not show up this night and lost to the Spurs by double digits.

Edited: February 14th, 2007