Easter 2017

Nothing signifies Spring more than Easter, and this Easter we had some phenomenal weather which made it even more pleasant (its hard to get in the Easter spirit when you are shoveling snow). This year James went out to lunch with Aunt Peg and Grandma which was a real treat. Grandma gave James an Easter cake and Aunt Peg gave James a check so you know James was very happy and it wasn’t event Easter yet. However Grandma and Aunt Peg did not leave empty handed as James dyed a dozen eggs for each of them the night before.

Easter Sunday Mom and Dad were surprised when James brought us both our own Easter baskets! What a great kid. Mom got plates in her basket and Dad got a football game in his. James got a basket as well with athletic items to help him in sports and such. James did not want anything fattening so we bought him only healthy snacks.

Edited: April 16th, 2017

Easter 2016

20160327_090621It was an early Easter this year, but that did not stop the weather from hitting the 70’s and creating just the most perfect day. Our day started off early with James Easter egg hunt, however it wasn’t Easter eggs this year but rolls of coins for his coin collection. James found them all, but it took a little time and we had to give him clues (getting hotter, getting colder) for the last two. Mom made a pancake breakfast then James dyed eggs. We took advantage of the nice weather for a Spring day drive and stopped at a Dairy Queen for the first ice cream of the year. After Easter dinner we had a slice of the cake Aunt Peg got us from Swiss Colony and relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful Spring day.

Edited: March 27th, 2016

Easter Egg Dyeing 2015

20150404_145818 A bit of a chilly day as James did his Easter Egg dyeing in preparation for Easter. James uses a combination of crayon and dye to achieve his rainbow look on eggs, while Mom and Dad enjoy the more traditional method of dropping the eggs into the dye and being done with it.

This year we experimented on a couple eggs because of Facebook posts. One of these experiments was to crack the egg all around and then dye it. Supposedly it will leave a spirograph type effect on the inside of the egg. James also tried stickers on some of the eggs to give them a funny face.

This year we have a Final Four team playing to compete with the Easter Holiday festivities as Duke will play Michigan State this evening.

Edited: April 4th, 2015

Easter 2014

20140420_074552This year James began dyeing eggs on Palm Sunday. James gave a basket with some of the eggs to Aunt Peg (who just got out of rehab on her leg) and decorated the house with the others. We had to go easy on the green grass as the cats got into it and it wasn’t a pretty site.

While visiting Home Depot to buy an Easter plant, the Easter Bunny got a chance to sneak up on James as we kept taking pictures. James bought a lilly plant while at Home Depot and put it in a pot on the front porch. By Easter Sunday it was blooming!

Finally Easter Sunday morning arrived and the Easter Bunny had delivered his magical baskets to James. Now we get to eat and watch sports (The Tigers play LA at 1pm and the Wings play Boston in the Stanley Up playoffs at 3pm). 🙂

Edited: April 20th, 2014

Easter 2013

20130329_134642Easter 2013 had its ups and downs for sure. Earlier in the week Aunt Peg had to go to the Wyandotte hospital for a leg infection which was certainly a major “down”. However the arrival of a new member of the feline part of our family, a yellow cat named Cindy (short for Cinnamon), a couple great outings Easter weekend at East Side Mario’s, Screamers, and the pet store were certainly major “ups”. Michigan beating Florida Easter day to advance to its first final four in twenty years also was a major “up”!

James and his family would certainly like to thank all the family members who sent cards (and in James case, cash)! James seems to have a new interest with his gains each year. Last year it was Wii point cards, this year its Itune cards.

In case you are wondering why we took a picture of a green easter egg and a slice of ham, it was James idea. He wanted to finally try “Green Eggs and Ham”!


Edited: March 31st, 2013

Easter 2012

Both James and his Mom were a little under the weather today, but besides that it was a great day. James had a great variety in his baskets this year including three books to read along with the standard candy and toys. I went and visited Peg and she had a small basket with candy for James, unfortunately James had to stay home with a slight cough, however You can see a picture of James holding the basket in the gallery. While visiting Peg she made a short video wishing everyone a Happy Easter (which I uploaded to Facebook).

Both James and Mary felt better as the day progressed.

What a weekend for the Tigers who won their first 3 games of the 2012 season. The first game was a 3-2 thriller with a walk off hit, the second a 10-0 victory, and the third featured 2 comebacks in their last at bats to win, a 3 run homer by Miguel Cabrera to tie it in the 9th and a 2 run homer by Alex Avila to win it in the 11th. After Avila’s walk off home run to win it the announcer said “Happy Easter Detroit”. (more…)

Edited: April 9th, 2012

Easter 2011

James had the week off before Easter and also the Monday after so he had a pretty long Spring break. The school also let them out at lunch time Friday to start vacation a little early and James went to his favorite restaurant – China Buffet – with Mom and Dad because he got good reviews at school. However his vacation started out a little rough with a spring snow shower that he decided to go out and shovel. Stuck inside all weekend we made do by creating a creepy magic show with Halloween props and had a lot of fun doing it.

Later we dyed eggs and ate them off during the week. James got new toys including a Batman play set and additional Lego’s that he had been asking for. The day before Easter James and his family went to visit Grandma and later went to Aunt Peg’s who treated James and his family to the China Buffet, James favorite restaurant. Mom went shopping at TJ Max and Aunt Peg went shopping at a grocery store so while waiting for them, Dad snapped a picture of James in the car with his Easter ears on. Mary got to see an Indy car while shopping, a promotion by Verizon that day.

Like Christmas, James stayed up late hoping to catch the Easter Bunny but he eventually fell asleep. The next morning it was obvious the Easter Bunny had been there because the living room was full of baskets with toys and candy.

Thanks to all and Happy Easter from James, Mom, and Dad. (more…)

Edited: April 24th, 2011

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Easter 2010

There are certain places in the world where you know its spring because of a certain event. Perhaps you are familiar with the cherry blossoms in DC, the groundhog (and his shadow) in Pennsylvania, or spring training for baseball starting in Florida.

Well, you know it is spring around here when the ducks return to Tulane St. We have no idea why they stop here on their journey to their final destination, perhaps its the cuisine. This happened very early on a Sunday morning so James was still snoozing and missed all the fun. Mary gave each of the visitors a piece of bread and they had a grand ole time munching it down before continuing on their journey. (more…)

Edited: March 14th, 2010

Easter 2009

Easter sure is fun for James when he gets his Easter basket he’s about as happy as can be. This Easter we spent most of the time outdoors. James is learning the value of money and got a basketball piggy bank which works right into that theme. His main concern is quarters for the gumball and tattoo machines that we see when leaving restaurants and stores.

Edited: April 27th, 2009

Easter 2008

We welcomed back a couple “pretty birds” since the first pretty bird died this year, a new pet is always a fun item to add to our Easter day. And yes, that is a guillotine in the picture, doesn’t everyone have one of these? We brought out the Huggum dolls for the event as well, they always add a little flavor to the atmosphere.

Edited: April 20th, 2008