Jefferson Memorial Washington DC 2018

There were many places we did not get to see as we only had a finite amount of time in Washington before we had to drive to New York. One place we saw at a distance everytime we took a cab was the Jefferson Memorial which was located on the other side of the Potomac. This was as close as we got to the monument, although we did try driving there later, only to make a wrong turn and end up heading back toward the hotel (and NY so we kept on driving). The driving is not easy in Washington DC and we did not take the car out of the parking garage until we left for NY. Our apologies to Thomas Jefferson but we tried. (more…)

Edited: August 12th, 2018

Washington DC 2018

While the monuments and three branches of Government were all impressive, one of the funnest and most interesting things to do was just walk the streets of Washington DC. Almost every building is “something” such as a dept of agriculture, FBI building, Library of Congress, Hubert Humphrey building, FEMA, etc. Mary even found a Marshall store (which is one of her favorites) in one of these buildings. We tried to keep these pics in order as we saw them, so we started with a picture of where our adventure began, in the park, and our day ended with James taking a much needed dip in the pool. (more…)

Edited: August 11th, 2018

Capitol Washington DC 2018

Probably the prettiest architecture in Washington, the Capitol was the final leg of our walk through the park, although behind it were the National Archives and Supreme Court. The Capitol was very close to our hotel room so we took a couple pictures from the roof of the hotel of the Capitol building at night (the roof of our hotel also hosted the swimming pool, which made it a real fun place to visit). Part of the Capitol was under construction while we were there, making for some interesting pictures of a work in progress. Like many of the other huge structures in Washington the closer we got to the structure, the worse the pictures looked because the buildings and monuments are so big. (more…)

Edited: August 10th, 2018

World War Two Memorial Washington DC 2018

As we made our way from the Vietnam Memorial to the Washington monuments, there were two beautiful monuments flanking each side of the monument. Both were World War 2 Memorials, one for the Pacific and one for the Atlantic. In between the two memorials there is a beautiful fountain. The pillars of the memorial contain the names of the states and territories of the United States in 1945, James was quick to find Michigan as you would expect. This monument is relatively recent, opening in 2004 during the Bush administration. Supposedly the words Kilroy Was Here are inscribed in two places on the memorial, although we did not notice them. (more…)

Edited: August 10th, 2018

White House Washington DC 2018

Between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument (a little closer to the Washington Monument) is the White House to the North. From the park it is very small but we walked as close as we could get to the front. The next day we had a cab take us to the rear, which allowed us to get much close. As usual, some people were protesting but only a handful and not enough to bother anyone. Across from the rear of the White House are monuments to Andrew Jackson and LaFayette in a park which I believe is called LaFayette park. After visiting we went to the White House gift shop and bought souvenirs including the first six pictures which were taken at a studio. If you buy something in the store you get one free picture, any others you have to buy. (more…)

Edited: August 10th, 2018

Vietnam Memorial Washington DC 2018

The Vietnam Memorial was incredible with all the names of those brave souls who lost their lives in that war. The monument starts off small then continually gets bigger and bigger as you walk through it. It really shows how terrible war really is as there were so many names, over 58 thousand, written on the wall. The wall is very close the Lincoln Memorial and blends in to the natural surroundings so well that it would be easy to miss on a casual stroll through park. The granite is so polished that it is reflective and in some of the pictures you can see our images reflected on the wall. (more…)

Edited: August 10th, 2018

Plymouth’s Walk of Tree’s Christmas 2017

Plymouth is a fun place to be year round, but it has several reasons for making a winter trek out that way. Not only do they do the ice sculpture in January, but they have the Walk of Trees Festival in December! Tree’s are decorated for the holidays by various persons and company’s and they line the walk way of Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth. James and his family visited there this day (the trees are constantly lit so if you have a dreary cloudy day they will surely brighten up your day) and had a blast visiting the shops and seeing the trees. James got a miniature Eiffel tower for his French class, Mom got chocolate covered potato chips, and Dad got a realistic battery operated candle that works for both Christmas and Halloween.

After leaving Plymouth we stopped off at one of Mom’s favorite shops, the Town Peddler where James had his picture taken in their new photo op area. To top off the day’s activities we stopped in to see how Aunt Peg was doing. All and all a very active and fun day, although it was a little cold outside in the park.

Edited: December 10th, 2017

Christmas Lightfest at Hines Park Wayne County 2017

Its been awhile since we went to the light fest at Hines Park, but on this day the conditions were perfect. 1st you need a while blanket of snow but 2nd, it has to be no more than an inch or two or the drive to becomes difficult. This day was perfect and was confirmed by the thousands of cars we saw going through. James had a blast and really enjoyed the “time tunnel” concept which dropped us off in a prehistoric time of dinosaurs. Mom and Dad enjoyed the Santa training center where reindeers are trained to fly by running up a ramp, jumping, and coming down softly in a parachute. Everyone enjoyed seeing the life size bumble putting the star on the tree. The Hines Park Light fest features more than 47 giant animated displays and more than one million lights; it is the Midwest’s largest and longest light show. The complete Light fest route is over four miles of Hines Drive. (more…)

Edited: December 9th, 2017

Greenfield Village Halloween 2017

Despite the high temperature being only in the mid 40’s and an overcast sky, we braved the elements and visited Greenfield Village on the last day of their halloween spectacular. Pumpkins lined the streets and fields and all were carved (I wonder where they get all the carved pumpkins?). We made sure to ride the train, ride the model T, and ride the carousel since it will be probably a year before we get to ride them again. We enjoyed the tribute to the Birds as they had a bunch of crows outside of the school yard as one of their exhibits. Its very clever how they weave Halloween into all the American history there. (more…)

Edited: October 29th, 2017

Canterbury Village 2017

Our first visit to Canterbury Village was fun but again we were hurrying to beat the rain. We dropped Mom off at Great Lakes Crossing outlet mall and then James and his Dad head straight to the Halloween stores at Canterbury Village (about ten minutes away from the Outlet mall on Joslyn street). We found plenty of Halloween stuff and more importantly discounted Halloween stuff. This is the time to buy Halloween, not October.

James found a weather center that he liked and also a large alarm clock, Dad told me if he graduates OW Best we will come back in June and get him one or the other as a graduation gift. James did end up buying a batter tester so he knows when his batteries are low in his games.

Edited: May 20th, 2017