Spring 2018

Finally some decent weather and Mom was able to work on the yard a bit. Shown here are some pics from the work done and we think it looks fabulous. Ironically while posting these pics, Mom’s facebook showed what she posted a year ago and it was pictures of the yard from 2017. One of these plants actually grows strawberries and in one of the pics you can see that at least one of the strawberries is getting ready for picking. This should be a great season as we finally begin enjoying the spring weather. With Mothers day just ending we still had flowers inside which made for a great spring setting! (more…)

Edited: May 17th, 2018

Major Snow Storm Hits

It was a good day to stay in and watch football and that was the extent of our activities, and shoveling snow of course. From the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the next morning we were constantly snowed on in the first big snow storm of the new winter, and its still autumn for about another week. James was a very big help in snow shoveling and things went much faster thanks to his hard work. Also on the plus is the snow really added to our outside look for Christmas which is snowmen and penguins.

The Lions won this weekend, putting them at 9 wins and 4 losses which is good enough for a two game lead in the Central and second place in the NFC. Lets hope it continues.

Edited: December 11th, 2016

The “Wall” Is Down

wallAfter about 18 years the fence to the backyard was taken down and for the first time we saw the neighbors back their instead of just hearing their voices. We estimate the fence was put up in the mid nineties around 96-98 by James’ Grandma (on the Kleiber side). The neighbors behind us have lived their 17 years and have never seen our side of the fence so we know the fence is at least 18 years old, probably older. Speaking with our neighbors on this side of the “wall” we were all amazed that it has been almost two decades since seeing that side of the block.

Edited: June 14th, 2016

Snow Day 2015

20150201_174448 The midwest got clobbered on Super Sunday (also known as Feb 1st) with about 17″ of snow in one of the largest one day snow falls in our history. James and Dad both shoveled snow multiple times while waiting for the game to come on. We were notified that Jame’s school was closed around 5pm so we had no problem letting James stay up for the entire game, although he was disappointed in the outcome.

We started shoveling snow a little after 7am Monday and were surprised to see the streets already plowed. By noon most of the streets were clear and it was business as usual. Hopefully James will not have too many more snow days this year, but it was ground hog day and the ground hog saw its shadow so it certainly does look like six more weeks of winter.


Edited: February 2nd, 2015

The Great Flood of 2014

20140811_192749James kept telling us a big storm was coming and boy was he right. After one of the most brutal winters in history no one expected to see a summer storm which would dump the most water on us in one 24 hour period in the last 100 years (1925 is the record).

The rain started late morning and continued for about 8-10 hours straight. Twice dad had to go out and clear gutters on the house during the down pour.

When it was all over, over 4000 cars were stuck in flood waters and billions of dollars in flood damage occurred. Fortunately for us, we did ok, although the water got almost up to the sidewalk on our street before subsiding. A day or two later the Governor flew over the area and declared us a disaster area. While we did ok, many of our neighbors lost much in the flood as many basements (and some houses) were under several feet of water. We hope the insurance companies do their best to help our neighbors in their time of need. (more…)

Edited: August 11th, 2014

Full Rainbow Over The House

20140727_200515James wants to be a weather man when he gets older so naturally he is fascinated with weather, both good and bad weather. Jame’s favorite weather is a rainbow and it is rare that he see’s a full rainbow (a rainbow that goes 180 degrees across the horizon, most only go 90 degrees) and its even rarer that he see’s a full rainbow right smack dab over his own house.

James was “johnny on the spot” as soon as he spotted it hovering over the garage in the back yard. According to our calculations there should be a pot of gold on Pardee and/or Vassar as that appeared to be where the rainbow started and ended. (more…)

Edited: July 27th, 2014

Garage Sale 2014

20140705_161434 We decided to try our hands at another garage sale. Jame’s had outgrown a bunch of toys and mom and dad needed to make some room in the house. We did not have a garage sale for two years so we were due.

While the garage sale did ok, the gist of this post has to do with who visited the garage sale. The first day, Dynamo the Clown stopped by and bought a few things on the way to a show on Pelham street. We thought that took the cake, but the very next day a family showed up in a golf cart.

All in all, the garage sale was a success and we are thinking about possibly having another one in mid to late September to help us make room for Halloween, if needed. I can’t wait to see who will visit us then.


Edited: July 5th, 2014

Vinyl Siding 2006

I remember the day a salesperson (known as tinmen and they actually made a movie about them) came into our house and sold my father aluminum siding and awnings. It was a pretty good move, the awnings would keep you dry when going in and out of your house during rain storms, and the aluminum siding protected the wooden areas of the house and garage, protecting them from the elements. However after about 25 years, even the aluminum begins to fade and dirt becomes embedded in the metal so much that it cannot be scrubbed out. Sure enough, another tinman came around and sold us some more aluminum siding so we should be good for another 25 years.

Edited: October 28th, 2006

New Cement 2005

For years we have been dreading this day since it is one of the biggest expenses you can incur when redoing a home! I remember when my father had it done, we used to have hardly a drive way at all, but my dad took care of that and had everything paved. Ever since that day it seems it has been my job to shovel the snow of it but thats another story. The cement was buckling from years of hot and cold weather so its something that really needed to be done. Hopefully this cement will last as long as the one my dad put in.

Edited: May 29th, 2005

Leveling The Back Yard 2005

Years of different style gardens and trees had made the back yard a rolling terrain till we finally had it leveled. Another enormous job since just the year before we had a sprinkler system installed. The nice thing was we were able to make a nice play area for James in the back, complete with wood chips just like they have at the park (we heard the rubber chips get too hot in the summer and can actually burn a child on a hot day).

James seems to enjoy the new yard and it should be easier to maintain being level.

Edited: May 28th, 2005