Dads Birthday 2018

A sure sign that it is getting closer to Christmas is Dad’s birthday. Dad has always complained that he gets short changed on his birthday because it is so close to Christmas that most people just got him one gift for both, but for the past few years we have moved his birthday (at least the gift part of it) to November 1st where we take him out to the Halloween shops to buy decorations at 50 – 90 percent off.

However we still celebrate his birthday in December so now (in a way) he sort of gets two birthdays each year on his two favorite holidays each year, Christmas and Halloween.

Edited: December 17th, 2018

James 14th Birthday

Its hard to believe James is now 14 years old and going to High School. James got plenty of gifts this year, especially in the mail. Thanks to Aunt Criss, Uncle Ken, Grandma, Aunt Peg, Keith & Renee, and of course Mom & Dad. James got to pick his favorite restaurant so we went to the China Buffet for dinner (James had school). When asked if he wanted a party or was still happy with having the Halloween party instead he immediately answered Halloween. (more…)

Edited: September 18th, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday James – We Have A Teenager

20160918_144154James birthday this year marked the passing of 13 years since his birth in Garden City hospital and what a great time we had. Unfortunately Aunt Peg was sick and missed out on the birthday lunch (Aunt Pegs birthday is the same day). James had lots of gifts to open from relatives and friends and we would like to take this time to thank you all. James got some wonderful gifts as well. As of this time, he has not spent any of the money or gift certificates but when he does we will be sure to post pics of what he bought. Welcome to the teenager years James and Happy Birthday.

Edited: September 18th, 2016

Kira’s Birthday Party

20151220_144121James helped one of his friends celebrate their 14th birthday today and had a blast. The event was at a hall in Wyandotte and James participated in several of the activities including making decorations and making cookies. Earlier James said Kira liked cats so all his gifts had a cat theme to them and he was right on the money. With the event so close to Christmas (James dad knows much about having a birthday close to Christmas) the party had a Christmas theme to it with a Grinch cake, gifts for the kids, and Christmas songs which made the party that much more special. Happy Birthday Kira and thanks for the invite.


Edited: December 20th, 2015

Dad’s 55th Birthday

20151217_175605 For the last few years Dad’s birthday has been celebrated on the day after Halloween, however Dad still gets other gifts and surprises on his birthday and this year was no different as Dad got surprised on his actual birthday. A very busy Holiday season this year and Dad’s birthday also provided the excuse for having chocolate cake and ice cream during the holiday season. Happy Birthday Dad and many many more!!!

Edited: December 17th, 2015

James Birthday

20130918_164250This years James Birthday was celebrated from morning to night. It began with Mom and Dad dropping off cupcakes for James class so they could have a celebration there and continued when he got home.

James Birthday came at a time when his Aunt was in the hospital. We usually celebrate James birthday with his Aunt Peg since they fall on the same date but with Peg in the hospital it was not to be for this year. James went and visited Aunt Peg, but we decided not to exchange gifts with her till she got home.

We decorated the kitchen up with a couple helium balloons (not as easy to find helium these days, supposedly in a year or two there will not be any helium left on the planet except for the stockpile for blimps and such) and scattered his gifts all around. James received alot of cards from relatives and really did very well for himself with over a $100 in spending money (he is saving the money, which sort of surprised us, as soon as he spends it we will take pics and let everyone know what he bought with it).

After a brief birthday celebration at home we had to go to Hoover school for the Parents/Teachers meeting (which James enjoys as he gets to see some of his classmates after school hours which is always fun).

A very different birthday than the ones in the past, but still a special and fun day.

Edited: September 18th, 2013

Mary’s Birthday

20130906_172609Mary’s birthday came (as you know she is 29) and we decided to celebrate with a trip to Frankenmuth (our anniversary is also during this time and we ate at Frankenmuth on our Honeymoon so we thought we would do that as well).

However when we arrived we found out that there was a huge festival going on and we could not even park the car because of the large crowd. The parking was completely filled up and it took us 20 minutes just to drive out of the mainstreet area. There was also an auto show going on along with the festival so it was a very busy little town. We went to Bronners for a look at the latest Christmas decorations, then went to Spirit Halloween in Bridgeport for a look at the latest Halloween decorations (Mary had a coupon for 20% off and we used it to buy a microwave cling that we will use this Halloween). We ate at a restaurant on the way home and had a great time even though it was not the chicken dinner we were expecting to have when the day started.

On the way home we stopped at a couple shops, James picked out a few things as well so it was really quite the day!

Edited: September 6th, 2013

Adams Birthday Party

20130623_171836James went shopping early Monday to pick out a card for Adam, our neighbors son down the street. James attended a birthday party for Adam and everyone had a blast!

The event was held in Canton Michigan at the Pump It Up on Michigan Avenue. First all the kids got to play in a room filled with inflatables, then the party moved next door to a second room that was filled with different inflatables. Even Mom went down one of the slides (Dad was sweating out another ninth inning with the Tigers and declined to go down the slide). After about 40 minutes in the second room, the party slid over to a third room where the kids (and adults) enjoyed pizza, pasta, cake, ice cream, cookies, fruits, and all sorts of goodies. A great spread! James had a smile on his face the whole time and said he wants to have his birthday party at Pump It Up as well.


Edited: June 23rd, 2013

Nashville 2013 – Grandpa’s Birthday

20130303_092016Our annual visit to Nashville was one for the books as far as weather was concerned. As nice as it was last year in January, it was equally lousy this year with lots of rain and wet weather for early March. But we made it in time for Grandpa’s birthday (March 1) which we celebrated with a small cupcake party in his room the first day in Nashville.

Saturday was a road trip for Grandpa as a wheelchair van gave him a ride out to the cemetery. Again, the weather made things difficult and Grandpa actually slid out of his wheel chair in the van, but he did get to visit his parents graves which was the goal.

Other highlights of the trip include breakfast at Loveless Cafe, dinner with Uncle Bill at Bar B Cutie, Friday night pizza at the hotel, and a trip to Nashville’s most famous toy store.

Sunday morning we met Uncle Bill at Grandpa’s room and said our good byes. Hopefully we won’t be away for a year this time.


Edited: March 2nd, 2013

Mom’s Birthday Cake

Edited: September 6th, 2012