Heritage Park Petting Zoo

Heritage Park (77)James visited this park a long time ago, once to see President Bush and the other time visiting the petting zoo, you can see the pictures still on this blog.

This summer his VIP camp visited Heritage park and James had so much fun he brought his family back the next Sunday.

James favorite animal is Stormy, a Gray rabbit. He loves all the barnyard animals but Stormy is his favorite. The turkey who kept strolling around the barn was pretty cool as well.

Many barnyard animals this day and all were very tame and friendly, a lot of fun for the entire family and only $4 per person.

Dads favorite was the Duck

Edited: July 28th, 2013

St Ignace Deer Ranch 2010

On our way back from Mackinaw Island we realized that outdoor activities were really going to be curtailed due to the oncoming storms so we grabbed a quick bite to eat, hopped in the car, skipped past the high wind escort on the bridge, and got James to the deer ranch. James certainly remembered it from past years because when he went in he did not say hi to the teller but instead said “crackers please”.

The cost for going through the deer ranch is $5 per person plus carrots and crackers (we got a dollars worth which was plenty) so for a relatively low cost James had a lot of fun. About the time he finished, the first drops of rain were hitting St. Ignace so we got out of there just in time.

Edited: September 4th, 2010

Deer Ranch 2008

James loves to feed the deers and whenever we can take him to a petting zoo or ranch we take advantage of the opportunity. This deer ranch specializes in albino deers as well as the standard deers we have all come to know and love. They sell crackers that you can feed the animals and James used up all his crackers in about 15 minutes. A great experience for James and I am sure the deers enjoyed it as well, getting all those crackers from James.

Edited: May 20th, 2008

Nottawa Farms Petting Zoo

We were working on a magic site and had to attend a magic auction/flea market in Colon. We promised James that if he was good we would take him to the petting zoo which was about 15 minutes away. James was very good and we went to Nottawa Farms which is a combination greenhouse, nursery, playground, and petting zoo. James had fun then we returned back to the magic auction where James was able to played in the playground there.

A great time and we got many pictures for the http://www.magicgettogether.com website, you can see them in the flea market section under the about us page.

Edited: April 5th, 2008

Nashville Zoo 2006

Mary lived just across the street from here as a child, although it wasnt a zoo then. The property was owned by a family who donated it to the city of Nashville to be used as a zoo. This is a very new zoo so alot of the exhibits are fresh and fun, it is set up like a safari adventure and you can easily miss things if you don’t have a map. A carousel is right in the center for the kids, and you can visit the family’s original farm as well. James had a blast here, and despite all the cool animals that he enjoyed, I think he liked the carousel ride the best. I guess its one thing to look at an animal but another to ride one on a merry go round.

Edited: September 23rd, 2006

Detroit Zoo 2006

James was a little taller and it was easier for him to see the animals this year. I think his favorites were the penguins and the monkeys. He also enjoyed the polar bear exhibit, being able to make a snowball in the summer was a big thrill for him.

Our first stop is the play area where James can climb, bounce, slide and swing on a variety of playground activities designed for young kids of his age. Also it doesn’t hurt to let him expend some of that pent of energy from the car trip which makes the day go easier for everyone.

Edited: June 15th, 2006

Taylor Petting Zoo 2006

James and Peg went to the Taylor petting zoo this day, this was his first experience at an actual petting zoo and he enjoyed it very much. James was wearing sandals that day so they asked us not to let him out in the barn because you are required to wear shoes so he was a little limited, but it worked out well because the staff would bring the animals to him in his wagon.

So remember, if you ever go to the Taylor petting zoo at Heritage Park to wear sneakers instead of sandals.

Edited: May 5th, 2006

Detroit Zoo 2005

The Detroit Zoo was a popular date for Mary and myself so we figured James would have to like it. He did, but had a little trouble seeing some of the animals because he was so small, so we lifted him up when we could. What James liked best was the Amphibian exhibit, not because of the animals but because of the fountains outside where amphibian frogs would squirt water into the air on and off. James laughed each time this happened and enjoyed it alot. A close second would have to be his playtime at the park, since he got out of his stroller and got a chance to play and burn up a little energy.

All in all a fantastic day at the zoo, and it was nice to take James somewhere that I used to visit and enjoy as a kid.

Edited: August 14th, 2005

Detroit Zoo 2002

These are pics from before James was born, Mary and I having fun at the Detroit Zoo which is an awesome place to be.

Mary used to live in Ferndale and you could see almost see the water tower from her house, yet we did not start going to the zoo for at least a year after we met. The dinosaur display was the big attraction this year, sort of a 21st century Jurassic park so we took a lot of pictures of that exhibit and Mary had fun posing with the dinosaurs as well.

Edited: June 12th, 2002