Gallon of Fun by James Dad

During the summer of 1976 we had 3 tents in the backyard and it was very common for my friends to spend the night pretty much whenever they wanted to. We were 16 at the time and the girl next door had a bunch of girlfriends for us and a pool so all was right with the universe.

I remember watching the All Star game that year, Ron LeFlore from the Tigers led off the game with a single and the sounds of “Frampton Comes Alive” filled the summer air.

One day, one of my friends, Bob Welker, was working at the K of C in the kitchen and saw that the beer tap was left unprotected so he grabbed an empty plastic gallon milk jug and filled it up with beer. He then hid the gallon of beer until he got off, then put the gallon in his newspaper route bag and rode it over to the tents in the back yard.

We had no way of hiding an entire gallon of anything in the tents and the only thing big enough to cover it up was a matress we had in one of the tents so we slid the gallon of milk under the mattress and except for a small lump you could not really notice anything (A combination of a lumpy mattress and an unlevel back yard).

That evening was the night we watched the All Star game and I had a few friends over to watch it with. All of a sudden dad comes into the tent to see how we were doing. We told him fine and said we were having a good time watching the game and how cool it was of Ron Leflore to lead off with a single.

Just that moment he decided to sit down, since all the chairs were taken in the tent he sat on the mattress that was covering the beer. As we watched this in horror we saw little trickles of beer begin flowing out from under the mattress. These actually began to puddle and we were certain we were going to be busted. Finally after what seemed an eternity, dad got up and left the tent and we quickly cleaned up the mess we made as Bob Welker shed tears of anguish for his once glorious gallon of beer.

Needless to say we never had any more gallon jugs in the tent that year.

Edited: June 29th, 1976

The Great Fire by Aunt Criss

Mom was in the hospital for an operation on her thyroid gland.

Dad, Peg and I, were almost starved to death while she was in the hospital, he was in the “let’s make dinner in the blender” stage. YUCK!

He put eggs, catsup, vegetables and all kinds of stuff in it that I don’t even remember and no way were we going to drink that stuff, we were young but not that stupid. (more…)

Edited: November 29th, 1971

The Easter Basket by Aunt Peg

My name is Margaret Ann Kleiber I’m the oldest of three children of Charles and Loretta Kleiber. In 1960 my brother Chuckie J Kleiber was born. Our Dad on my brother’s first Christmaas said there will be no hanging of stockings, no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny, no Halloween just here and now. (more…)

Edited: November 28th, 1967

The Spider by Aunt Peg

Now lets go back to the Kennedy era in time.

The Kennedy’s went for vacation on an island. My Dad was just as good because he rented a house on an island for 3 wks.
One thing that we notice right away we had to row across to the island. Well if its good enough for Kennedy’s its good enough for Kleibers. (more…)

Edited: July 28th, 1962

Halloween by Aunt Criss

We can’t forget devils night when I was young.

I was too young to be out at night and it was devils night,we were suppose to go out and ring door bells and soap windows and I wanted to had to be a part of it,but Mom said no way was I going out on devils night,meant only trouble and was too young to go out after dark anyway. (more…)

Edited: October 30th, 1960

Camp Dearborn by Aunt Peg

Camp Dearborn-oh does that take me back in time. We were living on Sherwood ct, in Dearborn, when Major Hubbard decided to buy land and make a park for all the people of Dearborn to enjoy.

Edited: August 28th, 1959

The Short Cut by Aunt Peg

We went to a wedding reception,think it was in Wyandotte.

Dad of course got drunk as usual, he usually took home a couple of glasses when he drank but this time since he paid for a gift for the happy couple he decides that he is taking home a chair and yes he did take it out of there, don’t know how but he did.

It was raining on the way home and mom is trying to tell him how to go and he tells her that he knows a short cut and to shut up.

We take this short cut and get stuck in the mud from all the rain, not knowing where the hell we are or at least I didn’t because you could not see for the rain again.

Next day they come back for the car and it was stuck right in the middle of a baseball field.

Dad’s short cut, he didn’t know where he was either.

Edited: May 11th, 1958

The Boxer by Aunt Criss

Each week usually meant a visit to Trenton.  The adults would play cards upstairs while the kids played in the basement.  Mark and Peg used to pick on me because I was the youngest and they were older and bigger than I was.  We would get in all kinds of things in that basement in Trenton while they were all upstairs playing cards.  Uncle Harry and Grandma Graf were still alive and dad would go over there too and play cards.


Edited: June 7th, 1957

Grandma’s Nash by Aunt Peg

Our Parents would leave me (Peggy) and my sister Chris with our Dads Parents for a weekend, while they did other things. Our Grandmother and Aunt Ginny would take us to the Drive-In in their Nash. My Grandmother and Aunt Ginny would always have their hearts set on romantic movies. My sister and I didn’t care what was on the screen, it was what was in the trunk of the car we like. (more…)

Edited: June 29th, 1956

The Island by Aunt Criss

One year we vacationed on an island that was far removed from civilization. We had to row a boat over to get there or to go to a store, don’t know where Dad found that fantasy island, the only fun thing in that town when you were on dry land was the snake pit.

We had an aluminum boat to row back and forth to get the suitcases and any groceries over there,of course we kids thought it was cool. (more…)

Edited: June 20th, 1956