Dads Birthday 2018

A sure sign that it is getting closer to Christmas is Dad’s birthday. Dad has always complained that he gets short changed on his birthday because it is so close to Christmas that most people just got him one gift for both, but for the past few years we have moved his birthday (at least the gift part of it) to November 1st where we take him out to the Halloween shops to buy decorations at 50 – 90 percent off.

However we still celebrate his birthday in December so now (in a way) he sort of gets two birthdays each year on his two favorite holidays each year, Christmas and Halloween.

Edited: December 17th, 2018

Pink Flamingos

Here is something you don’t see every day in our neighborhood, a bunch of pink flamingo’s in one of our neighbors yard. Last weekend we had a garage sale in this area (not the same house but close) and the flamingos were not there at that time, then Dad spotted them on his way to work and snapped the pic on the way home that day. We do not know the story behind this but it should be interesting. One thing for sure, the pink flamingos certainly brighten up the lawn (although cutting the lawn would certainly be hard with all those wire legs).

Edited: May 17th, 2018

Spring 2018

Finally some decent weather and Mom was able to work on the yard a bit. Shown here are some pics from the work done and we think it looks fabulous. Ironically while posting these pics, Mom’s facebook showed what she posted a year ago and it was pictures of the yard from 2017. One of these plants actually grows strawberries and in one of the pics you can see that at least one of the strawberries is getting ready for picking. This should be a great season as we finally begin enjoying the spring weather. With Mothers day just ending we still had flowers inside which made for a great spring setting! (more…)

Edited: May 17th, 2018

Our Remodeled McDonalds

For many years when we gave directions to our house we would always say to turn after the 50’s McDonalds, but now we will have to say turn after the European style McDonalds which has been under remodelling all winter and spring long with just the drive thru opened. Today, after coming home from a lunch with Grandma, James and his Dad saw the new design McDonalds is opened and so we stopped in and ordered a couple cokes (we had just ate with Grandma at Red Robins so we were not hungry). Its very neat and clean with the option of ordering from stations as well as waiting in line.

However, I miss the old 50’s McDonald with Superman crashing through the glass.

Edited: April 22nd, 2018

Meteor of 2018

Meteor lights up the neighborhood for a second. We all felt it but only James saw the light it caused.

Edited: January 16th, 2018

James Achievement Award Pics & Video

20160516_190245James was honored for his work at school, specifically in Geography, and everyone was thrilled with this academic achievement. James is having a very good year at school and we expect bigger and better things from him next year. He is learning discipline, albeit somewhat slowly but he is getting there. Each morning he does his Yoga exercises before a two hour bus drive to school so his school day is a little longer than most but he has learned to make the best of it. James and his family wanted to thank his teachers for their efforts and patience with James who can be a bit of a handful at times.


Edited: May 16th, 2016

James Roller Coaster Project

IMAG0154For the past few weeks James and other students at LPMS have been working on a roller coaster project to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy. The roller coaster could be built out of any material you like and would be a big part of his grade in class. James picked out material from home (pvc and tubing) and bought some flexible tubing at Home Depot (the kind you use for air conditioners to vent the water). James worked with other students on this project and we received this video from his school as he explains where the potential and kinetic energy reaches their highs and lows.

Edited: March 23rd, 2016

Bad Omen on Happy Meal Day

hearseJames still likes McDonald’s Happy Meals. He still gets the smallest one they have since they are probably not that healthy, but they usually are Happy! James enjoys the nuggets and dips them in ranch dressing.

Not a whole lot can go wrong while you are waiting at the drive thru at McDonalds, but things got scary when we realized the customer ahead of us was driving a hearse.

Actually the hearse was a promotional vehicle for a Halloween event and the owners were just taking it out for a summer spin to keep it in running shape.

Despite that, the initial reaction of seeing a hearse in front of you at the drive thru is still an unsettling experience for most, but James took it in stride and wanted to know why we didn’t drive around in a hearse.

At least James got his Happy meal ok (more…)

Edited: July 12th, 2014

James Graduates From Elementary School

20140611_135513Wednesday June 11 at about 1:30 pm James graduated from Hoover elementary, the second Kleiber ever to do so (The first was Uncle Don a few decades earlier). James graduated with honors and we were very proud of him. James did not stay too long afterwards because he had a loose tooth and it was bothering him. We took him to the dentist that afternoon and the dentist “wiggled” the tooth out so James had graduation and the dentist on the same day. The next day was an optional half day for kids and Jame’s whole class turned out for the optional half day, knowing that they would probably not see Hoover elementary for a while.

James was promised a lunch of his choice but because his tooth was bothering him on graduation, his special lunch was delayed for a day. He ended up at his favorite restaurant, the China Buffet.

Edited: June 11th, 2014

The Hoover Times

Hoover Times01 copyAlthough James will not officially graduate till the middle of next week, already he is beginning to realize that he is going to miss much about Hoover elementary. His fellow classmates, his teachers, and the good times he has had there for over 5 years.

James enjoyed a luncheon today at a restaurant (Thanks to Mrs Jent and Principle Mr. Falahee)and received a small remembrance in the form of a book called “Hoover Times”. We scanned it into pdf form and you can download it below.

Hoover Times

Our entire family would like to thank the administrators, teachers, and students of Hoover Elementary for all their work and friendship with James. He is becoming quite the young man and we thank Hoover Elementary for helping to make him the person he is today and hopefully we (his family) and Lincoln Park Middle School can continue to guide him along this path.

Edited: June 6th, 2014