OW Best Track Team

James is on the OW Best track team and does a couple events. This is really the first organized sports that James had ever participated in while in school and James is making the best of it. We had to take James in for a sports physical and instead of picking him up at school we pick him up at the track (unless it rains) so its been a good experience for Mom and Dad as well, sitting in the stands and watching all the events. The average track meet takes over two hours so by the time James gets finished its well past 6pm and he is hungry and thirsty as one might imagine.
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Easter 2017

Nothing signifies Spring more than Easter, and this Easter we had some phenomenal weather which made it even more pleasant (its hard to get in the Easter spirit when you are shoveling snow). This year James went out to lunch with Aunt Peg and Grandma which was a real treat. Grandma gave James an Easter cake and Aunt Peg gave James a check so you know James was very happy and it wasn’t event Easter yet. However Grandma and Aunt Peg did not leave empty handed as James dyed a dozen eggs for each of them the night before.

Easter Sunday Mom and Dad were surprised when James brought us both our own Easter baskets! What a great kid. Mom got plates in her basket and Dad got a football game in his. James got a basket as well with athletic items to help him in sports and such. James did not want anything fattening so we bought him only healthy snacks.
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Annapolis Orientation

James got a post card letting him know that he would be going from OW Best Middle School to Annapolis High School and that he was invited to an orientation. This night was very exciting for James as he was about to walk into his school for the next four years. Mom, Dad, and James all went and watched the slide show and lectures in the auditorium. This was Dads first time at Annapolis since he graduated there in 1979 (38 years ago) and the place looked pretty much the same. The pool was still there, but the senior drinking fountain was gone, probably politically incorrect in this age. James had a blast and afterwards everyone was invited to the cafeteria for cookies and drinks and to meet the staff of Annapolis High School. Read more »

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Wind Storm of 2017/Daylight Saving Time

We were never so glad to have taken down all our old tree as we were in early March as a wind storm that lasted all day knocked power out all over Michigan along with trees and anything else standing up vertically. We were lucky that we only lost power for less than an hour, but we lost cable and internet for 4 or 5 days. When it finally came back on it was at 3am Sunday morning, the same day we set the clocks ahead. Comcast did credit us for the down time, but all in all we were very lucky as many people did not have power for several weeks. We did use our phones during this time, including using them as wi fi hot spots to at least check email. Read more »

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Valentines Day 2017

I think everyone will remember the election of 2016 as it was something I don’t think anyone expected. Unfortunately there were some sore losers after the election and when one of the major department stores decided no longer to carry Ivanka Trump clothing line, Mom and Dad just had to do something to protest in our own little way so our Valentines day consisted of going to Lord and Taylor and buying some Ivanka Trump clothing (for Mom). Afterwards we found out the clothing line had its best month in sales ever so we obviously weren’t the only ones who did not think what that other department store did was right.

Later when James got out of school we all went out for a nice dinner. Mom and Dad commented how this had been probably the most “different” Valentines day since we went to see the Pistons about ten years ago at the Palace on Valentines day. That day it snowed so I guess we were lucky this year.

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VIP Bowling

James got a chance to go bowling with some of his friends from VIP camp and had an awesome day. These types of meetings are lots of fun for James and his family since most of his friends from this camp he only gets to see in summer, so its a real treat seeing them in January. James bowled a couple games, got some pizza and a soda, and had a great day.

We also took advantage of this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in a short little video!
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Christmas 2016

We truly enjoyed a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year, it began with breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve and a trip to Aunt Pegs (Richard was visiting). James opened a present early and we began watching our traditional show which included the movies “Dead End” and “Mothman Prophecy”, and the Xfiles “Post Modern Promethius” & “Ghost Who Stole Christmas”, which created the perfect “ghostly” atmosphere for Christmas eve.

Christmas day James was up before the sun to open his gifts, lots of new clothes and electronic items for the most part. James now has a cell phone and number, which should make the upcoming year interesting for sure. James would like to thank those who sent him money and gift certificates including Aunt Criss, Aunt Peg, and Grandma. James bought Michigan football products, 3 Journals, and rolls of quarters with his proceeds.
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Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Video

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Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Pictures

VIP Camp teams up with the city of Taylor for this annual event, and best of all James gets to see some of the VIP Instructors and Campers again, some of them for the first time since August. As usual the staff outdid themselves with another awesome display, some of it Dad might have seen as a child at the old Hudson store in Detroit. In addition to visiting with friends, James got to sit down with Jolly ol St Nick himself and gave him a list of items he wanted, most being study books for school.

All in all a wonderful day on a cold December night in Michigan, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Major Snow Storm Hits

It was a good day to stay in and watch football and that was the extent of our activities, and shoveling snow of course. From the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the next morning we were constantly snowed on in the first big snow storm of the new winter, and its still autumn for about another week. James was a very big help in snow shoveling and things went much faster thanks to his hard work. Also on the plus is the snow really added to our outside look for Christmas which is snowmen and penguins.

The Lions won this weekend, putting them at 9 wins and 4 losses which is good enough for a two game lead in the Central and second place in the NFC. Lets hope it continues.

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