Christmas 2016

We truly enjoyed a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year, it began with breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve and a trip to Aunt Pegs (Richard was visiting). James opened a present early and we began watching our traditional show which included the movies “Dead End” and “Mothman Prophecy”, and the Xfiles “Post Modern Promethius” & “Ghost Who Stole Christmas”, which created the perfect “ghostly” atmosphere for Christmas eve.

Christmas day James was up before the sun to open his gifts, lots of new clothes and electronic items for the most part. James now has a cell phone and number, which should make the upcoming year interesting for sure. James would like to thank those who sent him money and gift certificates including Aunt Criss, Aunt Peg, and Grandma. James bought Michigan football products, 3 Journals, and rolls of quarters with his proceeds.
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Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Video

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Santa’s Magic Forest 2016 Pictures

VIP Camp teams up with the city of Taylor for this annual event, and best of all James gets to see some of the VIP Instructors and Campers again, some of them for the first time since August. As usual the staff outdid themselves with another awesome display, some of it Dad might have seen as a child at the old Hudson store in Detroit. In addition to visiting with friends, James got to sit down with Jolly ol St Nick himself and gave him a list of items he wanted, most being study books for school.

All in all a wonderful day on a cold December night in Michigan, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Major Snow Storm Hits

It was a good day to stay in and watch football and that was the extent of our activities, and shoveling snow of course. From the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the next morning we were constantly snowed on in the first big snow storm of the new winter, and its still autumn for about another week. James was a very big help in snow shoveling and things went much faster thanks to his hard work. Also on the plus is the snow really added to our outside look for Christmas which is snowmen and penguins.

The Lions won this weekend, putting them at 9 wins and 4 losses which is good enough for a two game lead in the Central and second place in the NFC. Lets hope it continues.

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James Tours O.W. Best

James will be changing schools sometime in January 2017 as he goes back to the Dearborn Heights school system (which means no more bus rides and 5am wakeups). To help him with the transfer all his past teachers from Lincoln Park joined us Monday morning for a tour of OW Best.

Upon arrival it was a “late start Monday” (or something similar) where the students did not have to show up for the first hour of class, which left the school relatively empty for the tour. James got a free t shirt and a few other perks and got to see all three of his past teachers at the same venue.

Many thanks to the teachers and administrators at Dearborn Heights and Lincoln Park for making this happen.

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Christmas Shopping With James

This weekend James wanted to go out Christmas shopping and he did a pretty good job. After picking up gifts for most of his friends and family at K Mart, Walmart, and Westland mall, we then went to JC Penny in Southland mall where he bought some things for himself with his Birthday money and Birthday gift certificates.

James is very thrifty when it comes to spending his Birthday money and often it take till January or February for him to spend it so for James Christmas came a little bit early this year.
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Thanksgiving 2016

What a great Thanksgiving it was this year as the Lions won again and took over sole possession of First Place in their division. The meal was again outstanding and we snacked on devil eggs all day long. After the game we began putting up the Christmas decorations and the weather was reasonable as well.

At 6pm their was a black Friday sale at Walmart (on Thursday) and James begged us to take him. The place was an absolute mad house but James did make it and bought a couple things. It also gave us a chance to see what the decorations looked like on our way home.

All in all a very fun day.
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After Halloween Sale 2016

20161102_163358I think that Halloween shops are getting wise to the fact that most of the Halloween are after Halloween and for half price. Lots of places did not have anything worth while left and we had to work extra hard to find what we did. We kind of saw this coming as items that were available in Sept were not reordered in stores. Fortunately we think we did ok, highlights were 80% off at Michaels on Halloween wreaths and two animated items that were store demo’s that we bought as is, but were allowed to try before bringing home. The demo’s were 65-75% off which made them worthwhile.

Our main goal is to get items that are used every year but not reusable, such as invitations, scene setters, napkins, plates etc. This year we did not find any scene setters but we did get a box of Spirit Halloween backgrounds for a $15 donation to charity. It is rolled up in the big brown box visable on the back left of these pics. In our opinion, the day after Halloween sales and garage sales are by far the best bet for Halloween. Read more »

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Halloween Trick or Treat 2016

20161031_180037James was on his own this Trick or Treat as he headed to a friends house while Mom and Dad held down the fort (James is dressed as a surgeon which we thought was pretty scary). For the first time in three years the weather was nice on Halloween (not only nice but borderline spectacular) so we were able to put out the inflatables and other decorations to enhance our display. We had a great turn out as the kids came in bunches and the vast majority had their parents with them which we think adds to the fun. James came home with a huge load of goodies and had dad drive him to a couple spots that were “traditional Halloween stops” for him. All in all, a great day.
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Cedar Point Last Day 2016

20161030_135610Today was the last day Cedar Point is open, and despite early rain (we did not arrive till about 2pm) we made the trek down to Sandusky and had a great time. Our friend Dynamike the Magician joined us and we were surprised how many people at the park recognized Detroit’s Master Magician. The park crowd was mild but increased as the weather improved throughout the afternoon, one of the roller coasters wait was over an hour while others were only 15 minutes. Cedar Point was still decked out in Halloween gear so it was a perfect place to be the day before Halloween.

We saw that Cedar Point had begun tearing down the Mean Streak roller coaster which made for an interesting picture since you don’t see many pics of a roller coaster with part of it missing. Afterwards we finished off the evening at Ryans buffet in Sandusky and felt good that we decided to go rather than watch the Lions loss to Houston, consider this day seized. Read more »

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