Cedar Point On A Crowded Saturday

20161008_141306We had been told by friends in Ohio that Saturdays are not a good day to visit Cedar Point due to the crowd and they were certainly right as this beautiful day in the midwest brought out many more visitors than our visit last Sunday on an equally beautiful day. While the lines were long James managed to hit a few rides and the Gemini roller coaster (which was closed when we first walked by) opened up and James and his dad only had about a twenty minute wait to get on the coaster which was great. We figured this might be our last visit this year so we picked up souvenirs in the form of Cedar Point hoodies for all of us. Read more »

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Cedar Point HalloWeekend – Dinosaurs Alive

20161002_165533Its been a couple years since we visited the Dinosaur park in Kentucky so we thought it was time to take advantage of the dinosaur exhibit at Cedar Point called Dinosaurs Alive. The major difference between this one and the one in Kentucky is that 50 of the many dinosaurs were animated and 3 were set up so that you could control the animation yourself, thus making it very interactive. Like all kids, James is fascinated by Dinosaurs and really, what kid isn’t? When you think that had it not been for a meteor millions of years ago that they might still be walking on this planet it certainly makes you wonder about cause and effect. James wanted a picture of every dinosaur and every plaque and he and Dad decided that one cold January day in the future, they would look back at all these pictures taken today when it was still warm outside.

Mom said later, “we just brought summer back for a day today” and we could not agree with her more. See the short movie of the dinosaurs below.

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends – Great Pumpkin 50 Year Parade

20161002_161901Well, Mom and Dad got to see a graveyard with many of their favorite rides, and a graveyard with many of their rock and roll heroes. Is there anything else that the folks at Cedar Point can do to make our generation feel a little bit old? How about a parade celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the debut of the Charles Schultz Cartoon “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. Yes Dad remembers watching it that fateful day 50 years ago with his Mom in the living room.

Anyhow the parade just seemed to march right in, James and Mom were getting ready to go on the Himalaya ride when this parade came marching toward us. Mom and Dad immediately went to the parade (James went to the ride while all were distracted and picked out a good Himalaya car) and snapped off these pics (and also a video or two).

Below are some video clips of the parade.

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends – Rock N Roll Graveyard

20161002_135018We don’t remember seeing this graveyard last time we were here in October, but it was fascinating none the less, lots of great entertainers here. One thing we did not understand is why June Carter Cash was here but not Johnny? We’ll have to take a look at these pics again to see if maybe we missed it. Everyone else was there including Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, the Brothers Gibb, Keith Moon, and of course, the day the music died with the Buddy Holly plane crash. A nice little tribute to the rock and roll generation and James’ Mom and Dad both enjoyed visiting this cemetery as James was on a ride.

Very very creative folks these Cedar Point people.
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Cedar Point HalloWeekends – Ride Graveyard

20161002_124740When we went to Halloweekends last (over a decade ago) we took pics of the small graveyard that had made for rides that no longer exist at Cedar Point. Well, on our most recent visit that Graveyard has grown much bigger than before and it included the “Mean Streak” Roller Coaster which was closed only a week earlier. Built by Dinn Corporation, Mean Streak was the tallest wooden coaster in the world with the longest drop when it opened to the public on May 11, 1991. It is still standing over in Western town but we assume they will take it down probably over the winter and have something new built there in the future. Lots of wood there, we thought maybe they would saw it up and sell parts of it like they do stadiums and casinos that go to the wrecking ball.

Anyhow it was a nice trip down memory lane and Dad found out that there are more rides in the ride cemetery that he has rode in the past (rotor, needle. pirate ride, wild mouse, funhouse, etc.) than new rides he has gone on in this current version of Cedar Point.
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Cedar Point HalloWeekends

20161002_162641Its been over a decade since we have made it to Cedar Point in October to see the legendary “Hallow Weekends” and truly enjoyed the visit with all the scary attractions. James went on about a half dozen rides as well so his time was very well spent going on rides and watching the Halloween attractions. There had to be thousands of pumpkins in the park and several large animatronics including a rock monster and an ogre. Lots of selfies taken on this vist as there was just so much going on and so much to see. A perfect autumn day in the high sixties!

There were also several graveyards, a parade, and a visit to a dinosaur exhibit which we are going to post here as well, but as there own separate topic. Also of note is that this was the first time ever we have gone to Cedar Point on a Sunday (Friday and part of Saturday was rainy) and after our visit we found out that the Tigers got eliminated from the post season, the Lions lost to the bears, and Tony Stewart was eliminated in the Chase. Sounds like our time was very well spent today.

Below is a video of James on a swing ride this day at Cedar Point.

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Happy 13th Birthday James – We Have A Teenager

20160918_144154James birthday this year marked the passing of 13 years since his birth in Garden City hospital and what a great time we had. Unfortunately Aunt Peg was sick and missed out on the birthday lunch (Aunt Pegs birthday is the same day). James had lots of gifts to open from relatives and friends and we would like to take this time to thank you all. James got some wonderful gifts as well. As of this time, he has not spent any of the money or gift certificates but when he does we will be sure to post pics of what he bought. Welcome to the teenager years James and Happy Birthday.
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James Visits THE BIG HOUSE

20160910_114401Our neighbors were kind enough to give James and his Dad tickets to the Michigan / Central Florida game played in Ann Arbor MI. James had a complete blast as Michigan scored 3 touchdowns in the first quarter which pretty much secured the win. James and his Dad then went out and ate pizza and french fries during the second quarter and finished up the afternoon walking around the stadium and going to the souvenir shops. The final score was Michigan 51 and UCF 14. James enjoyed the band, the cheerleaders, the warthog flyover along with the big flags, but when asked what his favorite moment was it was sacking the Central Florida quarterback deep in their own territory. Dads favorite was seeing three kicks blocked (2 punts, 1 field goal) in the first quarter. The tickets were in the endzone 25 rows up and we could see ourselves on TV for most of the extra points. The Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the United States which made it all that much more fun for James since he loves statistics.
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Haunted Garage Sale 2016

20160910_091622This was a very busy day for the entire family as we left early for the annual Haunted Garage sale which took place at a new location in Westland on Cherry Hill near Newburgh. We don’t know if it was the new location or what but the place was packed and seemed to have many more dealers. We bought several signs for .50 cents and a buck and also picked up several items for Jame’s pirate room. We had to hurry through because we had to catch the Michigan game which started at noon. Luckily our neighbor gave us excellent directions on where to park and we made it to the pregame activities in plenty of time. On the way home from the Michigan game we stopped back at the garage sale just before they were closing and picked up a couple other items that the vendors figured was better to sell cheap than not at all. A very bush but wonderful day and a fun time was had by all.

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James and the Racecar

james carJames in front of Austin Dillon’s Sprint Cup car at our local Walmart in Taylor Michigan (Austin wasn’t in the car). The NASCAR Xfinity and Cup car races are at Michigan Internation Speedway (MIS) this coming weekend. MIS is located in Brooklyn Michigan near the Irish Hills for those who are not race fans but are state of Michigan fans. In the parking lot (pictured) you can see the Nascar truck that brought the vehicle to Michigan.

James has been a big racing fan since his first visit to MIS about 7 years ago. He has been to MIS three times and all for the same race (it kept getting rained out)
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