James Visits THE BIG HOUSE

20160910_114401Our neighbors were kind enough to give James and his Dad tickets to the Michigan / Central Florida game played in Ann Arbor MI. James had a complete blast as Michigan scored 3 touchdowns in the first quarter which pretty much secured the win. James and his Dad then went out and ate pizza and french fries during the second quarter and finished up the afternoon walking around the stadium and going to the souvenir shops. The final score was Michigan 51 and UCF 14. James enjoyed the band, the cheerleaders, the warthog flyover along with the big flags, but when asked what his favorite moment was it was sacking the Central Florida quarterback deep in their own territory. Dads favorite was seeing three kicks blocked (2 punts, 1 field goal) in the first quarter. The tickets were in the endzone 25 rows up and we could see ourselves on TV for most of the extra points. The Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the United States which made it all that much more fun for James since he loves statistics.
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Haunted Garage Sale 2016

20160910_091622This was a very busy day for the entire family as we left early for the annual Haunted Garage sale which took place at a new location in Westland on Cherry Hill near Newburgh. We don’t know if it was the new location or what but the place was packed and seemed to have many more dealers. We bought several signs for .50 cents and a buck and also picked up several items for Jame’s pirate room. We had to hurry through because we had to catch the Michigan game which started at noon. Luckily our neighbor gave us excellent directions on where to park and we made it to the pregame activities in plenty of time. On the way home from the Michigan game we stopped back at the garage sale just before they were closing and picked up a couple other items that the vendors figured was better to sell cheap than not at all. A very bush but wonderful day and a fun time was had by all.

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James and the Racecar

james carJames in front of Austin Dillon’s Sprint Cup car at our local Walmart in Taylor Michigan (Austin wasn’t in the car). The NASCAR Xfinity and Cup car races are at Michigan Internation Speedway (MIS) this coming weekend. MIS is located in Brooklyn Michigan near the Irish Hills for those who are not race fans but are state of Michigan fans. In the parking lot (pictured) you can see the Nascar truck that brought the vehicle to Michigan.

James has been a big racing fan since his first visit to MIS about 7 years ago. He has been to MIS three times and all for the same race (it kept getting rained out)
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Grandma and Red Robins

20160821_125928We had lunch with Grandma at Red Robins and James ordered his usual “hot wings”. We made it to the restaurant before noon and had no problem getting seated, in fact Grandma asked for our usual seat (which is the first one). After the meal we went to Spirit Halloween (which was on the way home) and looked at all the new decorations for 2016. Grandma enjoyed the haunted dolls while James enjoyed trying on hats including a sailors cap that made him look a little like Gilligan.

After Spirit Halloween we took a quick drive through Hines park where lots of activities were taking place. It was a beautiful August day, not too hot and not too humid and a drive through the park just seemed right.

Earlier in the day we stopped at Aunt Pegs and James did his usual vacuuming for Aunt Peg, then went across the street to return bottles to get himself a little spending cash. Aunt Peg hopes to see Richard down in September for her birthday and certainly hopes he makes it as well.

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James Gets Wet At Cedar Point

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Cedar Point August 2016

20160818_142748Lots of fun on this hot day in August, lots of rides on the splash ride and a trip on the old mine roller coaster to try to dry off. All in all lots of fun. James rode a few of the swing rides that looked kind of easy till they started moving then it was like “look out” as the rides really took off. We enjoyed a late lunch at a buffet in the park and everyone got some t-shirts. Unfortunately they won’t let you take pics while you are on the fast rides (even when they are going slow) so that put a little damper on the picture action, but everything else was perfect. Next visit here we plan to see the dinosaurs, and the visit after that should be Hallo-Weekends so hopefully we have lots more of Cedar Point before the season ends.
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Summer Visit To Mackinac

20160812_151027Nothing like a trip up to northern Michigan to beat the 90 degree heat with 70 degree temps. Mackinac City was packed and the weather was overcast all day so I am assuming that a lot of people who would normally have taken the ferry to the island decided to play it safe and stay on the peninsula. Since our last visit one of our shopping stops has turned into an arcade, which is fine since we have so many places to shop in Mackinac but not many arcades. James got to visit Sea Shell City and throw rocks into Lake Huron so he was content (plus getting some souvenirs and tshirts). All in all a very fun trip and a nice way to beat the summer humidity and heat.

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79th Abbott Get Together

20160806_133039This year Mom and Dad actually did some work at the Get Together, manning the discount book table and also doing a charity thingy for VIP camp. James was at Howell Nature Center so Mom and Dad had to hold down the fort. But fear not, James came out Saturday to the last day of the Get Together which keeps his streak going at ten (not bad considering he is only 12). We did manage to raise $30 on Wednesday and another $24 on Saturday for VIP camp so I guess we did some good. The annual Magic Get Together is always fun and we always come away from it with a great feeling as we see friends who we only see maybe once or twice a year at the event.

James made the trip up and back interesting as he found a 32,000 piece puzzle (its $300 and its not happening) on the way up, and on the way back enjoyed eating hot wings at his favorite Mexican restaurant.
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Howell Nature Center 2016

20160801_072506For the second year in a row James was invited to attend the Howell Nature Center camp for 5 days. This is without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of the year for James as he is not burdened with Mom and Dad for a few days and can just enjoy life and the great outdoors with his friends from Lincoln Park Middle School. The kitties we have did not know what to think since James usually returns from school or Vip Camp around 3-4 so they stared at the front window during that period of day. James phoned home a couple times and finally returned to us on a rainy Friday afternoon where we picked him up and treated him to lunch.
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VIP Camp 2016

vip8Its hard to believe this year is going by so fast, it seems like we just sent James off to school in January and now his first summer camp is already over, where did all the time go. James had a very enjoyable summer with the VIP camp folks and was involved in trips to Turtle Cove, Movies, Restaurants, and many craft projects. This year his VIP camp overlapped with the Abbott Get Together and Howell Nature center so James missed the last few days, but Mom and Dad stopped by to drop off the charity money and pick up James’ photo album which include many of the pictures shown here.
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