After Halloween Sale 2016

20161102_163358I think that Halloween shops are getting wise to the fact that most of the Halloween are after Halloween and for half price. Lots of places did not have anything worth while left and we had to work extra hard to find what we did. We kind of saw this coming as items that were available in Sept were not reordered in stores. Fortunately we think we did ok, highlights were 80% off at Michaels on Halloween wreaths and two animated items that were store demo’s that we bought as is, but were allowed to try before bringing home. The demo’s were 65-75% off which made them worthwhile.

Our main goal is to get items that are used every year but not reusable, such as invitations, scene setters, napkins, plates etc. This year we did not find any scene setters but we did get a box of Spirit Halloween backgrounds for a $15 donation to charity. It is rolled up in the big brown box visable on the back left of these pics. In our opinion, the day after Halloween sales and garage sales are by far the best bet for Halloween. Read more »

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Halloween Trick or Treat 2016

20161031_180037James was on his own this Trick or Treat as he headed to a friends house while Mom and Dad held down the fort (James is dressed as a surgeon which we thought was pretty scary). For the first time in three years the weather was nice on Halloween (not only nice but borderline spectacular) so we were able to put out the inflatables and other decorations to enhance our display. We had a great turn out as the kids came in bunches and the vast majority had their parents with them which we think adds to the fun. James came home with a huge load of goodies and had dad drive him to a couple spots that were “traditional Halloween stops” for him. All in all, a great day.
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Cedar Point Last Day 2016

20161030_135610Today was the last day Cedar Point is open, and despite early rain (we did not arrive till about 2pm) we made the trek down to Sandusky and had a great time. Our friend Dynamike the Magician joined us and we were surprised how many people at the park recognized Detroit’s Master Magician. The park crowd was mild but increased as the weather improved throughout the afternoon, one of the roller coasters wait was over an hour while others were only 15 minutes. Cedar Point was still decked out in Halloween gear so it was a perfect place to be the day before Halloween.

We saw that Cedar Point had begun tearing down the Mean Streak roller coaster which made for an interesting picture since you don’t see many pics of a roller coaster with part of it missing. Afterwards we finished off the evening at Ryans buffet in Sandusky and felt good that we decided to go rather than watch the Lions loss to Houston, consider this day seized. Read more »

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Northville Halloween

20161029_102225Michigan has many small treasure throughout the state, the magic capital in Colon Michigan, the Antique Capital near Allen MI, Frankenmuth, Mackinac, etc. But just when you thing you have seen it all we found a city in Michigan where for one month the entire town is filled with skeletons. It seems the whole town (businesses, houses, apartments) gets involved in the Halloween spirit by placing skeletons somewhat related to their businesses on the streets of Northville. Our favorite was the election platform in the town square where Hillary and Donald were squaring off in a debate. Lots of fun and a great big thank you to the city and citizens of Northville who put this event on. Read more »

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Henry Ford Field Trip with LPMS

20161027_130357James and his classmates visited the Henry Ford Museum today and he said he had an absolutely wonderful time. Originally it was planned to be a visit to the Village but wet weather in the morning forced the class into the museum. After the visit James did get to visit the Village and rode the train with his family since Mom & Dad went there to pick him up and save James the two bus rides he would have to take to get home (one back to the school and another to his home). Greenfield Village is still decorated for Halloween and had a thousand pumpkins decorating the village, which is adds to the Fall atmosphere. Read more »

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Bowling Fundraiser

20161023_151444James participated in a bowling fundraiser and had a blast. The event was held at the Belmar Lanes bowling alley on Fort Street in Lincoln Park. Dad dropped James off then decided to stay since the Lions game was on there and managed to snap a few pictures. James bowled three games and won two of those. He also won a Michigan package with all sorts of goodies from the University of Michigan (James is becoming a big Michigan fan). Pizza and pop were also available but since James and his Dad had filled up on pizza from the Halloween party the night before only soda’s were drank. Read more »

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James 6th Halloween Party

20161022_180125James and many of his friends attended the 6th installment of the Halloween party and this might have been the best one yet. Thanks to all the families who have supported this event this year and in the past. James really enjoys when his friends visit and it means an awful lot to him. Without a doubt it was the most well attended as kids and families from Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park Middle School, Dearborn Heights OW Best, Mixter, VIP Camp, etc. Remember if you know James you are invited to the party, as we have a difficult time keeping up with all of James’ friends do to his social circles changing and friends going to different schools and such. Read more »

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Cedar Point On A Crowded Saturday

20161008_141306We had been told by friends in Ohio that Saturdays are not a good day to visit Cedar Point due to the crowd and they were certainly right as this beautiful day in the midwest brought out many more visitors than our visit last Sunday on an equally beautiful day. While the lines were long James managed to hit a few rides and the Gemini roller coaster (which was closed when we first walked by) opened up and James and his dad only had about a twenty minute wait to get on the coaster which was great. We figured this might be our last visit this year so we picked up souvenirs in the form of Cedar Point hoodies for all of us. Read more »

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Cedar Point HalloWeekend – Dinosaurs Alive

20161002_165533Its been a couple years since we visited the Dinosaur park in Kentucky so we thought it was time to take advantage of the dinosaur exhibit at Cedar Point called Dinosaurs Alive. The major difference between this one and the one in Kentucky is that 50 of the many dinosaurs were animated and 3 were set up so that you could control the animation yourself, thus making it very interactive. Like all kids, James is fascinated by Dinosaurs and really, what kid isn’t? When you think that had it not been for a meteor millions of years ago that they might still be walking on this planet it certainly makes you wonder about cause and effect. James wanted a picture of every dinosaur and every plaque and he and Dad decided that one cold January day in the future, they would look back at all these pictures taken today when it was still warm outside.

Mom said later, “we just brought summer back for a day today” and we could not agree with her more. See the short movie of the dinosaurs below.

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends – Great Pumpkin 50 Year Parade

20161002_161901Well, Mom and Dad got to see a graveyard with many of their favorite rides, and a graveyard with many of their rock and roll heroes. Is there anything else that the folks at Cedar Point can do to make our generation feel a little bit old? How about a parade celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the debut of the Charles Schultz Cartoon “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. Yes Dad remembers watching it that fateful day 50 years ago with his Mom in the living room.

Anyhow the parade just seemed to march right in, James and Mom were getting ready to go on the Himalaya ride when this parade came marching toward us. Mom and Dad immediately went to the parade (James went to the ride while all were distracted and picked out a good Himalaya car) and snapped off these pics (and also a video or two).

Below are some video clips of the parade.

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