O.W. Best Awards Night

It was a special night for James as he attended the O.W. Best awards night and came away with two awards, one for character and the other for extra effort. The ceremony lasted about an hour and afterwards refreshments were served for everyone. Mom and Dad were in attendance and could not have been more proud of James, especially since he transferred to O.W. Best from Lincoln Park in the middle of the school year which could not have been easy, but he did a great job of it. James last day of Middle School was a half day tomorrow, so for all intensive purposes this was his graduation ceremony. Video’s of the event are below the pictures.
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Neighbor’s Graduation Party

James and family attended a graduation party for one of our neighbors, hard to believe not too long ago she was riding a bicycle up and down Tulane and now has graduated High School. The party was outdoors and was cool because the neighbors pulled up the fence making it a 2 log graducation party with a swimming pool. A very beautiful event and a great day for everybody. James was so inspired by the party that he has already asked our neighbors to remove their fences in preparation for his graduation 4 years from now.

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Memorial Day 2017 – Spring Rainbow

We believe this is our first rainbow of 2017 and it was a pretty little guy. James ran out and took pics as soon as it stopped raining and sure enough there it was.

It was certainly an eventful day that included planting tomatoes and strawberries in James’ garden, having a cook out, watching a movie, and James got to meet some of Dbn Hgts finest as well. With all that we still made sure to remember our finest citizens (soldiers) who did not make it back to enjoy these times with us and we thank them for the freedom we have now. Rest in peace Uncle Raymond.
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Canterbury Village 2017

Our first visit to Canterbury Village was fun but again we were hurrying to beat the rain. We dropped Mom off at Great Lakes Crossing outlet mall and then James and his Dad head straight to the Halloween stores at Canterbury Village (about ten minutes away from the Outlet mall on Joslyn street). We found plenty of Halloween stuff and more importantly discounted Halloween stuff. This is the time to buy Halloween, not October.

James found a weather center that he liked and also a large alarm clock, Dad told me if he graduates OW Best we will come back in June and get him one or the other as a graduation gift. James did end up buying a batter tester so he knows when his batteries are low in his games.

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Cemetery Sax

While placing flowers at our family graves a sax player was playing to some of the graves.

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Mothers Day 2017

The weather held out for us and we were able to make Mothers day a special day. First we went to Michigan Memorial to lay flowers on the graves, we got flowers that were just ready to bloom so we are hoping they last more than a couple days like the ones in the past. James did the water part of the job and while we were doing it we heard someone serenading a grave with a sax, I don’t remember ever seeing that before. I snapped a video of it so maybe you can hear some of what we heard.

After Michigan Memorial we went to the antique store in Flat Rock, then on to Red Robins where we had a great Mothers day lunch. All in all a great day for Mom.

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O.W. Best Honor Roll

We are pleased to announce that James has made the honor roll at O.W. Best Middle School in Dearborn Heights. His classes include Math, US History, Mastering Common Core, Science, Language Arts, and Life Skills.

James is running track this quarter and will have to keep the grades high if he wants to continue running track so this quarter will be an even bigger challenge for him.

Congratulations James, we are all very proud of you.

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Bel Air Carnival

James and family went out to the Bel Air Carnival on the Detroit side of 8 mile across from Warren around Van Dyke road. We all went and enjoyed seeing the “Girl to Gorilla” sideshow that they had there, and James got to go on a few of the rides. The day was wet and cold so the attendance was down, but we had a great time anyway.

James enjoyed the house of mirrors but probably not as much as his dad, seeing 10 or more James reflected back from the mirrors was kind of fun. The mirror room looked crowded yet he was the only one in there.
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OW Best Track Team

James is on the OW Best track team and does a couple events. This is really the first organized sports that James had ever participated in while in school and James is making the best of it. We had to take James in for a sports physical and instead of picking him up at school we pick him up at the track (unless it rains) so its been a good experience for Mom and Dad as well, sitting in the stands and watching all the events. The average track meet takes over two hours so by the time James gets finished its well past 6pm and he is hungry and thirsty as one might imagine.
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Easter 2017

Nothing signifies Spring more than Easter, and this Easter we had some phenomenal weather which made it even more pleasant (its hard to get in the Easter spirit when you are shoveling snow). This year James went out to lunch with Aunt Peg and Grandma which was a real treat. Grandma gave James an Easter cake and Aunt Peg gave James a check so you know James was very happy and it wasn’t event Easter yet. However Grandma and Aunt Peg did not leave empty handed as James dyed a dozen eggs for each of them the night before.

Easter Sunday Mom and Dad were surprised when James brought us both our own Easter baskets! What a great kid. Mom got plates in her basket and Dad got a football game in his. James got a basket as well with athletic items to help him in sports and such. James did not want anything fattening so we bought him only healthy snacks.
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